MP3DP v4 extruder Hot Ends combos, and Heated Bed options

What hot end extruder setups, and heated beds do you use/recommend for you MP3DP v4 (or v3)?

For extruder hotend combos, looks like “E3D Hemera Dual Drive Extruder and Hotend Full Kit (24v)” are the most popular (based on MP3DP build logs). At $118 from MatterHackers
, and even more from amzn.

Saw @gpagnozzi ordered BiQU H2 V2 - G (together with BTT Manta M8P with CB1 and heat sink, and BTT EBB42 CAN V1.2).

Curious if more affordable BiQU H2 V2 at ~$68 or something else is the next most popular/recommended option? And whether someone’s already designed mount and shroud setups. @InoxDragoon modeled and shared BiQU compat parts for MP3DP v3, cheers!

Need to print ABS and other high temp filaments, so Hemera’s more appealing for it’s max 300deg temp, compared to BiQU H2 V2 270deg. Although… $125 BIQU H2 V2S REVO Extruder 24V is 300deg capable, plus has Revo which is great even if changing nozzles frequently.

Also hoping @Heath_H’s 3 in 1 setup is working out for him. Like the idea of multi color/material setup without paying Bambu premium. However, for procrastinating me, maybe just getting something ‘stock’ working is the right next step.

Some notes/observations…


I have picked the new H2 V2S Revo for my build. Changing nozzles is not something I have done lot of but figured I should start messing with it. I have H2’s on my Ender 3 and my 220mm2 Hypercube and love them.

I am planning on a 12x12 1/4 inch aluminum plate for the bed with a 235x235 120v heater on it. Will add a thermal fuse on the plate and put self-adhesive insulating foam on the bottom to serve as both insulation and a “soft mount” on the Extrusion T I am going to adapt from the Voron Trident build.

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Maybe slapping on VORON StealthBurner, guessing that’s an easy copy paste and combine in Fusion :slight_smile:

Nevermind, the Bondtech BMG Extruder Kit alone is > $90

I would love to try an H2 or the new lighter Hemera. Adapters will be needed or edit the mount itself. Saving some moving mass would be nice, and in the case of the H2 I think it brings the nozzle closer to the rail which is even better.

I will say for a production stand point, Zero hemera issues and I work those things 24/7.

I am always a bit hesitant of the tall extruder stacks. The further your nozzle is from the rail the more exaggerated any error or ringing will be. I love a small compact package.


Hey Guys is been while.
I’m building the V4 very sssslllloooowwww… as work has been crazy.
Got the frame build, the bed support cut and modify the Extruder Carrier for the H2 V2. Also I design a new Fan Duct with 2 x 5015 fans and to mount the EBB42.
The Fan Duct I printed so fast that looks like shit, but it still a prototype, well everything I modified still a prototype :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Here are some pictures:

Still a good week or 2 before I can fire it.



I really want to try adding another fan.

Base on the Cad, I will have 2 mm of space from the Fan Duct to the belt in the back of the machine.
What sucks is that I’ve been traveling so much that I don’t have time to finish.
Since mid-December, 4 overseas and 16 domestic trips.

Hey @probrwr, can I use your revo ebb36 mounts/adaptor? Cheers!

Sure thing!

Hemera to H2 Mount - ProBrwr

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Anyone able to share .stl models for fan mounts that are working out with their H2 Revo hotend? H2 Revo came with tiny 35x35x10 mm fan, but looks like several people are attaching additional fans and shrouds/ducts to their hotends. Cheers!

Currently searching around printables/thingiverse/etc… Am happy to follow what others here decided on already.