MP3DP V4 Build - SW Virginia

Started my build a couple weeks ago. Printed the parts at least three times because I didn’t pay attention to orientation! Ones I look at the on Printables it made more sense and they printed like Ryans parts always do, flawless and without supports.

Printed in Inland Purple PLA+


Rails are all ZYLTech V Slot as it was cheaped than the normal stuff. Note for anyone else though. The center hole in the V Slot is smaller than the normal extrusion. You need M5 bolts if you are using blind corners to assemble.

I used my Portaband and table to cut and then rigged up a perfect(ish) right angle guide to square off the ends on my belt grinder.

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I ran into a problem with my rails in that I ordered M5x10 bolts. They were too long to work with the rails and bottomed out in the slot. I ran them fully in on the rails and then ground the tips down to storten them. This had the added benefit that when I backed them out they were much tighter in the hammer nits so they all spun in place super easily.

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Belts all done!


Looks good! Is this going to be a 300mm x 300mm build plate?

Yes it is. Waiting on a 12x12 1/4" thick flattened aluminum plate. Was planning on a 120v heat pad for it.

Toying with making brakets and doing a bed mount like the Voron Trident.

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I milled my own 1/4" aluminum build plate and went with a 120v heater and its amazing how fast it heats up. On any of my 24v creality printers the hot end heats up 2-3 times faster than the bed. On my V4 it heats up twice as fast as the hot end.

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How big is your plate? I am doing a 300mm build and am thinking about using the 500W 235mm pad and then backing that with insulating foam. I figure the heat drop off over the 35mm to each edge should not be a major issue.

I like it!

We are really starting to get a lot of these builds now. Glad you are getting so far with Zero instructions!

Yeah, what the hell happened. First there was a Primo hype, then LR3, and out of nowhere everyone is building a printer. I feel left out, but my pocket money says that I can’t have a second printer at the moment. I want to be one of the in-crowd!! :smiley: So mean! :frowning:

My wife asked me today when i was going to start printing parts for the ZenXY. She said you already have one of all the rest of his builds may as well do the Zen too lol


Oh she sounds like a perfect wife…tell her I appreciate her support. I should probably name the next machine after her.

Gotta build 'em all!

I have 2 sets of printed Zen parts, and another Ikea Lack table that is supposed to be getting done… one of the Zen printed part sets is lemon yellow, another one is black…i believe that I used the belt intended for one of them to do the MP3DPv4 though, but I have all of the rest of the parts and materials.

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I will build a Zen one day. But right now there are already WAY too many irons in the fire. And I don’t have anywhere to put it LOL

A new table will give you somewhere to set all those half done projects on!

Yall are horrible!

We bought these cubby things off amazon that are in the middle of our computer/3d printer room. I made a top for them out of some old 2x6s I had and surfaced them on the LR3. Had some gaps to fill so I have been filling those with epoxy and don’t quite have it finished yet. Last night she said that would be a great place for the Zen… So sounds like I might be building one sooner than later. And find another use for the other top I made lol. Hopefully I can print the parts on the New V4 lol

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Atta boy! Exactly what I wanted to hear.

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Wow, LOL!!! My thread sure took a detour!

That’s a sign of a good thread here. :yum: Wait a few posts more and @kvcummins comes to make a weird joke. :joy:


LOL That tends to happen around here. Your build is looking good!!! My daughter loves purple…She picked the colors for my Primo and that’s one of them. She saw your build and told me “why didn’t you make yours purple like that??” lol

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