Mp3dp v4 bom

I watched Teaching Tech’s video on this and it looks very interesting. Lets us know how it works for you!

Teethed idlers are need on the toothed side of the belt or you will see print artifacts of each bump. We use 6 Teethed idlers and 2 smooth ones for XY, On the Z axis we use 6 smooth ones.

(Z rail length + 100mm )*3

(Xrail + 100mm) *4
Yrail *4

That should give you plenty of extra.

5 pulleys



5 Steppers

Not optical, and we only use 2. The omron on teh store. work great as well as the red roller ones we used to use.

Now that I have LR3 CNC plasma and 48” magnabend, I can custom cut and bend sheet metal for enclosure walls and such! I’m eyeing this!

Nuke it from orbit . It’s the only way to be sure."
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That would be amazing, it would be a true test of your precision with that bender.

I am making one out of HDPE right now.



Sharp looking! How thick?

I have a small stockpile of 9.5mm stuff. I bought a stack of 10-12 cutoff quarter sheets at half price last year.

It machines so well I could not pass up the deal.

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Our local Menards home improvement store stocks 4x8 1/4” HDPE in black and white! 1/2” available for ship to store orders.

Cheers! Thanks for clarifying/corrections. Updated my BOM post above. Better?

Yep, you’re right. I was mistakenly thinking about a Bowden setup.

Was expecting microswitches for Z Posts, but then I saw in Repeat V2 Topic, you mentioned “No z endstops is easy and works great.”. So, 2 is what I’ll get if I don’t have some already.

Looks great. Am all for use offcuts, planning to pickup some from my local acrylic/poly supplier.

You are the best! 3 spaces or bed springs, 4 if you are using one of those beds. Probably need to add a bltouch or other probe to the list. This is almost ready to cut and paste!

As I was making coffee this morning, it occurred to me that I could make a rudimentary calc by basing everything off of my 200^3 build and just making things like extrusions, belt, some screws (base measurement plus X amount per 25mm added).

I think I will try to dump some pictures on the page now with some warnings.


@vicious1 does extrusion dimensions exported from the model using script MP3DP v4 - Aza's build - #7 by azab2c help?

I added some resizing instructions. Only took a little over 2 hours. MP3DP v4 - V1 Engineering Documentation


Love the chopped off hand in the pics. Also, the face hiding behind the printer. :smiley:

Question: Why isn’t this symmetrical? The light blue part for the four mounting holes and the print bed itself are not centered in the middle.


Because the Hemera extruder isn’t centered on the print head. It’s offset from the center, so the heated build platform should be offset from the printer mechanism by the same amount. It allows the X axis part to be as short as possible while giving access to the whole bed.

Edit: If you zoom in on the Hemera, you’ll see that the hot end nozzle is directly in line with the top center hole for the heated build plate mount.


Thanks, that makes sense. My symmetry loving brain needed to ask. :smile: