Mp3dp v4 bom

hey is there a bom and assembly guide for this printer? i didnt see one under its heading on the v1 website also the files are in .3mf format, how do i open those? when i open them in cura, there is no model on the buildplate


The .3mf is supported by Cura, but sometimes the model is placed FAR off the build plate when it is imported into Cura. I find this happens most often when the model was made in Fusion 360.

I zoom way out to find it, or you can use the “Edit, Arrange…” menu item to get it centered onto the plate. You may need to then drag it upwards or downwards to get it to be placed on the build plate.

Mike B.


Is there a bom and assembly guid for this printer?

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The V4 / (Repeat v2) is still a work in progress and we need to help with the documentation.

The forum thread has about as much information as is available

I’ve got the printed parts all printed, and have the electronics but still need to gather 2020 parts, linear rails, and more than anything decide on a heated bed.

The heated bed is actually the part that is stopping me at the moment as there isn’t a reference design with a specific “go buy these parts” available for the V4- and I don’t have time to finish learning Fusion360 to do it all myself. (Though, if I do that, I’m going to use one of my spare TAZ beds and modify it for 3-point mounting.)

Edit to note- I’m just a community member, the “We” implies no direct affiliation with @vicious1 .

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I just came to the forums to ask this same question
Kinda have the BOM on the Old Version -Repeat- page of the MP3DP v3 Parts page. It’s pretty general and kinda makes it sound old because it says it is old. Kinda want to make this printer now, ol ender3 is getting worn out

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I actually have not made one. Here is a Summary, Repeat V2? - #85 by vicious1. I do really like this printer and kinda just revamped some of the parts again mostly to fit thicker idlers that I keep coming across.

I will try to bump the BOM up my todo list.



I am new to these forums and I love what you do!

How is the BOM for MP3DP v4 going?

Is that why I was having trouble with the back corners? I do se thst there are rhan I got with the link I used… I think I downloaded the .3MF files from printables…

Welcome! The MP3DP is not fully documented like the other V1 CNC’s, so I consider this an advance build and will update the docs to reiterate all of this. I make the parts and the firmware I am using for those that want to use it as a jump off point. I would love to have another build around but just know there has never really been a full set of build instructions just typically a bunch of pictures and a BOM, and this time the CAD.

Let me see what I can do for a basic BOM this evening, no promises it is not going to be easy since sizes can vary as well as mounts and extras.

I have not made a new set yet as I am still building up a printer with the new parts. so far nothing major, just a new zip tie hold and wider idler openings. All the rest is just some looks things.

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Hi Ryan,

thank you for your fast reply! There isn’t really a hurry but I would love to see more detailed instructions on how to build the 3d printer.

I am currently printing lowrider parts and I really like the instructions for the lowrider build and for the machine itself. I am really looking forward to this build.

Perhaps you could make a size calculator for the v4?

The full CAD file is there, you can make it any size you want.

It was only a kind suggestion, I really like the lowrider calculator, and I thought that perhaps more people then me also enjoy it.

I only just now found the files for the v4! :smiley:

I didn’t mean that rudely, I thought it was the best answer you were looking for?

I am getting a little swamped right now, I just have not had time to edit the digital files. I have been spending 30 minutes or so per day building the new printer so I am taking notes.

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I have no real experience building 3d printers, I have an ender 5 plus and an ender 3 max. Both are printing lowrider v3 parts as I am typing. The ender 5 plus have a silent motherboard and a direct drive and an all-metal hotend. Other then that they are stock.

I like the design that you have created and anysize I want is too much freedom I think for me.

I will keep my eyes open for updates.:smiley:

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This is the exact same boat I am in. So far Ryan and the rest of the forum have been able to answer any questions i have had along the way. Still very early into the build phase for mine. Just cut all of the extrusion today and hope to be putting the frame together this evening. I will start a build thread as soon as i have something worth posting!

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Since the print volume size is driven from the rail length, X size = rail length - 100mm. Example, a 300mm X rail gives you 200mm printable.

Y size = Y rail length -50mm. Example, 250mm rail length gives you a 200mm printable.

Z size = Z rail length - ~50mm. This one is approximate because bed mounting is somewhat variable. Original CAD has this at 250mm giving a 200mm cubed volume.

From memory, extrusion length for Y axis and Z upright extrusions are the rail length + 95mm, and the X extrusion is the X rail + 70mm so the example extrusion cuts are 345mm for Y and Z (the uprights that the Z rails attach to are 305mm) and 370mm for the 3 extrusions in the X axis.

Therefore the extrusion cut list for a 200mm cubed build is:
3X 305mm
8X 345mm
3X 370mm

Mine is a 250mm cubed build, so I add 50mm to every one of those.


Hi Dan,

thank you for your reply!

These measurements are for 2020 extrusion? When you write rails you are referring to MGN12C rails?

Perhaps you could make a color scheme generator? :stuck_out_tongue:

:rofl: Nobody but Nobody wants to deal with my sense of colour coordination.

Yes, those are the lengths of the MGN12H rails. (MGN12C rails have the wrong size cars on them, that being the difference.)

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I’m sure your sense of color combinations is good!

I can get 450mm or 600mm MGN12H rails easily where I am.

Can I cut it to size?

Edit: Is there a list of how many printed parts I need?