Repeat V2?

Good to go! onward and upward No sign of wire or filament pull.


Happy with the footprint.

About 10-20mm less deep and more narrow, 50-60mm shorter


Neat and tidy! Can controller, and steppers be shielded from enclosure/heated chamber to enable usage at high temps without shortening electronics lifespan?

I stuck them there so I did not have to extend many wires. You can put it anywhere, I used to have it underneath.

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Every thing looks great cant wait for the files release. :metal: :+1:


Laggin, my bad.

I am doing little things like putting the idler stand offs on all the parts. I think I am going to release them as is, meaning pretty blocky. So hopefully not too long now.

I do have my first real vacation planned next week so no promises of how much time I will have on this before then, but I am trying.


Well deserved. I’m glad @jeffeb3 approved your vacation request.



Well 4 days and I will be checking in at least once a day…probably more.


Anyone wanna try a torture test?

This part was stupid fun. I want to do more to it, but I have spent entirely too much time on it as is.
Z (250.3 KB)

Sliced and heating…

Guess I could tune my retractions a bit.

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Aside from the stringiness, I’d say not bad!


Printing, and streaming…

Expect buffering and crappy quality, our ISP (Comcast) is having issues this week.


Swiss Z post print done. Posted close up viewing :

0.6mm nozzle, 0.32mm layer height, mostly stock Ender 3 Max, fresh Overture silky PLA. 60% infill, almost same profile used for LR3. Need to check if my screw drivers are skinny enough to fit the deeper holes.

Repeat V2 looks cool. Been wanting to build a more capable Core XY. Got Repeat V2’s goals (and non goals) listed somewhere? What would be a comparable commercial 3D printer?


@vicious1 I had bought rails, bed, octopus board, etc for repeat v1, but I didn’t get on it right away while my wife was pregnant with our first and since having her I haven’t touched it. Was just looking to get back into doing things with the parts and I’m seeing repeat v2. How close are we talking? No pressure as I really appreciate that you’re doing the hard design work here… :grin:

At this point I think I’m definitely going to wait. I bought a 300mm bed so it would be that size, I think the rails are 400mm and could be cut down.

M3’s use a #1 driver. All of mine are skinnier. Shoot I did not think much about that.

Well it is fully functional, and prints well…better than the V1. So I could release it today but I want to make sure print-abuility is there and I am not missing anything. I think I will get the basics out in a few days. Firmware and any sort of bom beyond the CAD model is definitely after vacation. Well, if things go well I might get the firmware in the builder.

Definitely wait, and I have found my angle grinder with a cutoff wheel works far better than anything I have tried at cutting the linear guides/rails.


There are a bunch, a #1 driver is required. 6.75mm diameter max.

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Thank you guys for printing them. It helps me a lot to see how they are turning out. I am making parts far more intricate on this one so a well tuned printer is needed. I will be suggesting people run through teaching tech’s tuning guide before this one. That Z post is by far the most tricky so I think everyone will need to start there as a test.


Not a big deal to fix it in the slicer, but did you ever figure out why some parts are way off the origin when placed in some slicers (Cura 5.1 in this case)?


Yeah observed this as well, for the swiss Z post, and many of the LR3 models. Even mistakenly printed a model that was partially ‘submerged’ below the Z axis.