LowRider 3 — Aza's IDEX upgrade (2 Routers!)

Yeah, I wasn’t sure either and emailed the owner to confirm before I bought 2 rolls.
I haven’t tried color matching other filaments to the Kobalt Router, so, there could be better matches out there? Personally, I like SliceWorx’s filament so far, color’s close enough for me, and seems to extrude ok. Normally I get Overture/Hatchbox PLA/PETG, would’ve got theirs if found better match.

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All the slic3r variants have color change baked in.


Silly me not thinking to write a communication. Based on the colors displayed my monitor (I know the failure there), it looked like the Royal Blue was a dead ringer for the dark blue on the box.

The shayshay Blue looked closer to the router, and the light blue on the box, so that was my dice roll.
Sounds like I have a Royal Blue order in my future, and a new roll on the way for prototyping. :blush:

Edit add: I wanted to see how close the Ocean Cyan was anyway, so that’s why I chose sliceworx for my dice roll.

Snippets from email exchange with SliceWorx founder :

"The Royal Blue PLA matches the Kobalt range of products from Lowe’s in the US

Also here are the other matches of all the colors:

Robitobi Green - Ryobi

Ocean Cyan - Makita

Rocket Red- Milwaukee

Hope that helps, cheers!


Pause and filament unload at layer height, and adding a M600 Macro to my Klipper config?

That sounds easier than the 12am manual model slicing and positioning I did :man_facepalming:

Is this the way?

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The vac hose i have it hanging from the roof with a simple aluminum door hanger rail : simple, easy and CHEAP. You could also make 2 boom arms

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That sounds about right.

Assembly > Core > Kobalt Router Semi-clear Vac Hose mount

Shared .STL file, and video showing how to Print partly clear Vac Mount…



Love it! I need to do this.

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So, any updates?


:slightly_frowning_face: no updates, but hoping to get back to this soon…

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That is insane!

Mr, what happened? Is it alive?

I am also interested in how this is coming along?

No IDEX updates, it’s on the list… :frowning:

Have been distracted with working on wrapping up, and starting :man_facepalming: , other projects like playing Tetris on a Wood tiled display (192 servos, Raspberry Pi). The display doesn’t set fire or smoke anymore, so hoping to get back to this one soon.

Next step for my IDEX is wiring up…

Going with more involved relay setup, for control, and compactness. Fastest design-assembly option would be something like this.


so when you do get it working, can you make an api on this discord so we can all play it, LOL, oh and obviously we will need a camera :slight_smile:

Any updates? Perhaps there could be an IDEX calculator?