Kobalt router

That is nice. I love keeping an eye out for those yellow tags in Lowe’s


Cool. Steal of a deal.

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Booo…. :-1:

Woke up to this email. Checking the app, it appears that they have not delivered it to UPS yet. Only a label was created.


Congrats! I was a long time lurker and just started my LR3 as well!!


Crazy thing is, Mooresville, NC is about 4 hours away from me. If I was really feeling froggy, I could just drive out there and pick it up!!

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Lit Vac mount details at LowRider 3 — Aza's IDEX upgrade (2 Routers!) - #48 by azab2c

Wondering if @vicious1 will utter “ah, you ba$tard” (lovingly) at around the 2:00 mark when I probe as to whether clear and/or semi-clear Printed Kobalt Mount Kits will be an option on the V1E shop? :slightly_smiling_face:


I am always amazed that this is “around the corner” for you. For me it would be traversing half of Germany and like, really far. :sweat_smile:


But, you can take a train to Paris or London. Or a cheap flight.


A week ago (Nov 11th), the Kobalt routers at my nearest store were still up high in storage, not on the floor.

But today they are on display. The price of 99.99 does not reflect the online price of 89.99. I’m not sure what it would ring up as.

But I did take a peek in the fold of the display:

Without you guys it would not have occurred to me to even look. I’m not exactly in the market for another router, but I am thinking there is a Kobalt router in my future because I won’t be able to help it.


Yeah that 79 would be tough to say no to.


@vicious1 Prize accepted and received!! Thank you, kind sir!!



still waiting :frowning:

Ok. Made it back in town and since I was going to have to pull my mounts off again anyway, decided I would go ahead and switch out my Makita to get rid of my overheating problem.

Ordered the Kobalt from Lowes and picked it up this morning.

Straight out of the box, it sounds to me like it’s struggling to hold it’s speed. Anyone have this issue?

Tried to video, but not sure if it will come through on the sound or not.

This was at Speed 3, but it does the same on any speed.

Personally observed my router’s speed control to be more stable after first 20mins of use out of the box. Maybe something to do with brushes being worn/run in? Guessing others here know more and can explain better?

I thought maybe needing to run a bit, but I also don’t want to put it on there at all if it’s bad.

It does the same drop in speed each time I turn the speed dial while it’s running. It drops before it speeds up.

If no one else has observed this behavior, then I’ll just go exchange it to be safe.

I saw wandering on first use. Think others did too. Hopefully they’ll chime in with info that helped them?

I’m with Aza on this. Give it some use, ~20 min or so. If it does not get better, I would have it swapped out.

Mine was fine from minute 1, sorry!

Apparently they in such high demand at my local Lowes that they need extra security.

Very surreal to see them with the low rider on the front of the display IRL.