CNC-cut table for LowRider v3 (parameterized, for cutting full sheets+)

The one that I can open is the one that you had for 24x48 (and 48x24.) The full sheet size one is the one delivering the error.

Which is the reason for the post. I figured that you should know… I did not just post to complain, honest!

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Regarding the zip files. I find that I can open them just fine with WinRar, but not the zip built into windows. So perhaps it is a matter of client you use.

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Trying to design a F360 file that can have parametric control over everything, and be robust in allowing the parameters to be edited… takes a level of forethought and planning skill that is “deceptively” more involved that I first realized. Obviously my previous efforts have some potential conflicts / failure points. People can test in ways beyond how I tested, in ways I did not anticipate or think to try.


@Eric_Blackwell , welcome to the V1E forum! :slight_smile:

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Words to live by!

This what I have going so far…Huge Y, but now I should be able to actually cut a full sheet to make the full sized table. I am trying to build the 6inch tall one.

Does anyone have any good suggestions for legs?
I have an 48x96 bora saw horse table foldable thing, and was going to try that, but I feel like there are better solutions


Looking good!

If you search the forum for this tag: parametric-table

Screenshot 2023-09-09 at 3.50.33 AM

… there is a design by Ryan that shows a suggestion for legs!

Matter of fact, here’s the direct link to it for you:

It just dawned on me, that you may have / probably downloaded my zip file from the forum, instead of going to the stuff available on my website, so the long path issue may not be present there…

I feel your pain. I was desperate to get off my knees/floor. Since I already had 2 of the 3 sawhorses that’s the way I went. Very solid in Y, needs a diagonal brace In the X direction. Once I’m up and tuned I’ll build something else. (or not).


I used similar for a while, then built real legs.

Hi! Trying to find the dimensions of the metal strut, but I just can’t find it!
Wouls appreciate if somebody could point it out for me?


If were looking for the length, or any other related how-to details, check out the excellent build summary thread by @steved:

If you are looking for some other dimensions of the metal struts, consider that the Fusion 360 model I made available has a 3d model of the metal strut inside it, and you can press hotkey “i” to get measurements on it.

Fusion 360 has a free hobbyist license so you can access the software for no charge.

Just the dimension you have in your build? We have here in sweden metalstrut with the following dim. 41X41X1,5 mm. would be in inch about "1,5x"1,5x"1/16.

I think this is the strut I used:

According to the description,

  • “Channel is 10 ft. in length and measures 1-5/8 in. x 1-5/8 in”

The specs are not super crucial on the strut size, as by shimming you can make something work if it’s not exact.

I bet its the same stuff

Yep, sounds like you’d be good to go.

Thx! Good info! :blush:

The following helpful documentation was written and posted by @steved:

Note: The table cuts and build remain the same for all of the following X-gantry lengths.

Note: Testing has not been performed for use with Optional Urethane Wheels.

If you already have an X-gantry size other than listed, you can cut your strut plates to your choice of size as listed below. You would then need to buy new EMT/tubing and cut to match your choice.

All of the gantry sizes listed below will work with the LR3 adjustable table extenders published on Printables (September 19, 2023).

A. 1425 mm (56.1″) X-gantry length, based on using LR3 non-adjustable table extenders (wood or printed)

B. 1435 mm (56.5″) X-gantry length, based on using LR3 HIDE/PROTECT non-rail side Y AXIS BELTS inside metal strut. This option brings the non-rail side Y Bearing Wheel Bracket closer to the edge of the metal strut to aid in the installation of the mod.

C. 1400 mm (55.1″) X-gantry length, based on using LR3 table extenders (wood or printed, or adjustable). This option works by not installing the two MDF 1/2″-thick spacers before installing the metal strut as per plans. This allows LowRider makers who are building this table and already have a full standard LR3 full sheet build to quickly move to the new table. To use the full area of the design, installing option A or B and the two 1/2″ spacers can be done at a later time.

Hi Doug,

I’m pretty new to Fusion 360 so I may be missing something in the parameters, but I’ve been trying to shrink the design to template my 30 x 60 cutting area sized LR3.

I’m using CNC Table for LR3, METAL RAIL (parametric, full sheet) v8.f3d

When I enter the cutting area, the Y spars look roughly correct, but the X ribs remain very wide. When I look at the formula: Pattern_Length_for_X_ribs = Y_Spar_Length - ( 1 * Thickness_Plywood_Material ).

It seems to me that the X-rib width should be dependent on something other than the Y Spars? (Unless this is the pattern for the notches?). Anyway - I see where the Y spars adjust to my cut dimensions, but I can’t seem to get the X ribs to adjust. Any idea which parameter I’m missing in this?

Thanks for any guidance. I’m thinking the X ribs are coming out about 19 inches too long.

In looking at the screenshot, it also captures a wonky Y Spar spacing.

I am away from my computer right now, so I can’t take a shot at modifying the original file for you at this moment. I did later publish a another similar table that uses a different approach at the parameter options (hopefully a better approach), and I released various different sizes of that newer table. The link below is to a smaller size of it. It may be more well-suited for you to tweak the parameters in that one, and then the only thing left is to modify the X ribs so that they accommodate the metal strut.

Here’s a quote from there about the improvement to the parameter approach:

Compared to my original table work , these “version 2” tables have some parameter tweaks intended to make the tables more robust for scaling as needed and to make it easier to edit the number of X ribs and number of Y spars just by editing the parameters with those names.