More parametric CNC-cut tables for LowRider v3 (full sheet+): 3.625", 6", and 8" tall versions

More parametric CNC-cut tables for LowRider v3 (full sheet+): 3.625", 6", and 8" tall versions.

These are Fusion 360 archive files. Since I don’t have the paid version of F360, I cannot do the “live share” option. You can open these in Fusion 360, tweak as desired, and right click on the sketches that have “for DXF” in the name to export your DXFs for laying out and cutting.

Compared to my original table work here, these “version 2” tables have some parameter tweaks intended to make the tables more robust for scaling as needed and to make it easier to edit the number of X ribs and number of Y spars just by editing the parameters with those names.

3.625" tall version:

  • Same height as the original table linked above. This table height is the lightest weight of the three, and it has the advantage of its torsion box being cut from a single full sheet of either 3/4" MDF or plywood.
  • While it can be quite strong, this thinness and lightness also means it’s the most susceptible to having material weight to cause it to bow ever so slightly.
  • For that reason it would probably serve best either on top of a cabinet type structure that supports shimming as needed, or by having 6 legs instead of 4, with 2 in the middle.

6" tall version

  • Taller, and stronger than the 3.625" version, but its torsion box cannot be cut from a single sheet of plywood.

8" tall version

  • The tallest of this batch of three, and strongest. Also its torsion box cannot be cut from a single sheet of plywood.

To download a ZIP file with all three of these, click here:

CNC Table for LR3, WOOD RAIL, parametric, v2, three height (1.3 MB)


I got the “part 2” video edited & posted. Watch both part 1 (short) and part 2 (full length) to get the scoop on this awesome enhancement of my LowRider v3 CNC capabilities:

For LowRider v3 CNC, full sheet capable table, Part 1, prep & cross lap test

For LowRider v3 CNC, full sheet capable table, Part 2, CNC cut & assembly!

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I’m a little salty that I built my table two weeks before these came together, so I haven’t really been following much, but are there multiple threads now with pre-designed tables?

I’ve noticed on thingiverse and printables, sometimes people will make a parametric fitting or bracket, ezport a collection that suits their project, then hoar the collection AND the parameteic model. Are you thinking of doing something like this for the table? It would be really cool for new builders to have a library, as this is really a hard thing to wrap a mind around.

What are your thoughts on using 1/2" plywood instead of 3/4"? With all those spars tied together I feel like 1/2" would be solid?

@Ryan created a new tag here on the forum for parametric tables:

I have some resources on my download page for the original cut-ready DXF cut plans.

What else should I plan to do to help? I’m all ears.

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Of course strength in torsion boxes come from at least these attributes (and perhaps more):

  • The skins. Extraordinary difference between one skin and both.
  • Increased height (tallness) of the box. The more the better. (But costs more.)
  • Increased number of spars and ribs. The more the better. (But costs more.)
  • Thickness of materials (more for spars and ribs, than for skins)

I’m no engineer, so I would not know until someone actually tests it out. Engineers have my admiration. They can use math to know in advance. I’m not there. LOL

So sorry to be two weeks late! :open_mouth:

Re. “are there multiple threads now with pre-designed tables?”

My three postings, with various different options, can be found under the new forum tag: Topics tagged parametric-table

… however, I think @Ryan 's new table design is not yet tagged (I did not see it on the tag page).

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Ahhh, yes. I forgot about the new table tag. I’m sure it will get shared plenty when people ask. I’m just a little slow.

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This looks like an excellent design! Thank you for posting the files. Will likely build this one in the near future :slight_smile:

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The 3 5/8” version is working well for me!!

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Just got my table in today can’t wait

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Cool. I hope you will take some pics or video and keep us updated!

UPDATE: The original post (link below) has newer versions and should be referenced/used instead of this thread. This thread is to be closed. Thank you!

Please visit: CNC-cut table for LowRider v3 (parameterized, for cutting full sheets+)

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Thanks for sharing your designs! I just finished my low rider and started cutting this table. Problem is, I don’t have access to a truck often so when I did I stocked up on MDF for this project. It seems I accidentally grabbed .63 inch MDF instead of .75. I won’t be able to get thicker sheets anytime soon. I just noticed this after my first cut lol.

Will I be able to use this slightly thinner MDF without jeopardizing the integrity of the table?


So the cross-lap joints depend on a tight fit to help the table be nice and solid and rigid. It’s not a show stopper as you could either edit the thickness parameter in the Fusion 360 file and re-save the DXF files used for your cut job, or you could perhaps use something for shims to tighten up the joints!

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It would also depend on the quality and plys of your sheets. You’ll be paying dearly for 7-9 ply sheets but they would be by far the most stable. Look into millwright grade sheets which are amazingly strong. Check at Freeman Manufacturing, they have closeouts all the time where you can pick up 12mm, 1/2", 5/8" and sometimes 3/4" in birch, beech or maple. They sell to the Foundry and Tool & Die trade (millwrights/patternmakers). Don’t know what the shipping costs would be sorry to say.