MakerJim's Builds- index thread

I’m going to link my builds here in the hope that I keep organized and can point more easily to my builds when giving assistance to others.

[Planned builds]

Repeat V5 printer build (Just starting, late April 2024)


[Completed builds with ongoing activity]

JL1 Laser converted to run Jackpot controller/lightburn.

FluidDial pendant

[Repairs or troubleshooting]
Troubleshooting a Jackpot with shorted power input.

Troubleshooting a BTT TFT35 with connection issues.

[Abandoned- builds]

Repeat V4 printer (abandoned to instead build a V5)


That’s a good idea. I always have to search for jeffeb3 in the title.

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How do you find time for all these projects?! I’ve got quite a few in the hopper, but only time to work on one MAYBE two at a time.

This spans a couple of years, but they’re only my V1 related projects.
As you can see above, some don’t make it- like the stalled repeat V4 build that is going to be a V5 now.

That’s my real problem- too little time for all of life’s other projects.