Fun with Aluminum

Finally to the cutting stage for the new struts for my full sheet LR3

@DougJoseph won the strut contest with @vicious1 coming in for an awesome back strut.

Started cutting the back strut last night. Was going great until it wasn’t. 5 broken bits later I finally got it moving smoothly again. One goof up in the middle, turns out when you press pause it goes to X10 Y10… I didn’t know that LOL. I thought it was at X0 Y0 and never paid any attention to it. Oh well… adds character as they say. Aluminum is too expensive to worry about that LOL. HOPEFULLY I don’t have any goofs’ on the front strut. that one will bother me lol. Going to be several hours to cut that one with a 2mm bit. Thankfully i have 8-10 of those on hand.

On another note. Anyone ever had their LR3 just stop in the middle of a job? I really think it was noise/interference from the vacuum. I was just cleaning up around it so I could take some pics (didn’t want to upset @Tokoloshe this early in the morning with aluminum chips everywhere :rofl:) and it just flat stopped. the screen was still responsive but machine wouldn’t move at all. It didn’t fall or anything. just sat there. Ended up having to reset it and then rehome and adjust my Gcode. Thankful for Estlcam labeling each cut. Makes that much easier LOL. Anyways. I’ve had the screen mess up before but the machine kept running the job. This time the screen was fine but the job just stopped.

Here are a few pics so far. Will continue to add more as I progress today. Hope to get them all 3 cut today but we will see how that goes lol.

These first 2 pics show the difference in cut out size from the original LR3 struts to Ryan’s new design


Sweet! Really looking forward to seeing how these turn out.

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That makes 2 of us LOL

Do you have a grounding wire in your vac hose? I have a thin bailing wire in mine plugged into the grounding pin on the nearest outlet.

DAng I need to cut more aluminum.


noooooooo lol. I need to ground the ones mounted but this hose is all plastic. I guess I could zip tie a wire down it and ground it.

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LOL seems that’s all I cut anymore. I’m ready to get this part done and the machine rebuilt and cut some wood projects. First up 10 sheets of 1/2" plywood and 3 sheets of 1/8" hard board. By the time I’m done with that ill be wanting to do aluminum again LOL. Or maybe some starboard!!!


Looking awesome!!


All was going good until the clean up pass. For some reason its “shifted” Shifts one way on holes and the opposite on part. Really took a gouge and ultimately skipped a step or 2 in Y because it dug in so hard. Somehow I didn’t break yet another bit. But it may have ruined the strut. Going to move on and look at it later. Don’t want to think about it right now LOL. If its ruined that’s $21 worth of aluminum trashed.

Video was before it did the outside cleanup. That’s where it messed stuff up

Jackpot board? Have you updated the configs, I recently increased the current to the drivers. I had it set super low for some reason.

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Still on the SKR right now. This wasn’t a stepper issue more of a cam issue. I can’t figure out why it’s offset on the finish pass. Did you watch the video? That’s on hole setting in estlcam. It’s all offset to x+. On the part it’s offset to x-

Well :poop:



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As soon as it gets far enough out of the way ill take a better pic. But man does it look good!


That will be the gallery picture…


Not yet. Let me get it mounted first lol


Nope! I am using that one. Remind me later to change it.

That picture is amazing.


At least use the one with the 3 in it too lol. That other pic it hadn’t cut the 3 yet lol


Pause it and tighten those bottom screws!

This is too kind, sorry for indirectly messing up your cut. :sweat:

That’s what I ended up doing. Had to tighten the top ones a little bit too. And its already loosed up a touch. No where near as bad as it was though. Going to let it finish and then ill do some work on it before the last strut