Custom LR3 Strut Contest

How about a contest. As long as @vicious1 approves that is.

I need some new struts for my full sheet LR3. I am design challenged on this. I’m stuck. Cant come up with anything I like and don’t want to go with the same thing I already have. Wanting something new and different.

As most know I work offshore so I will be leaving out next week and wont be back until 9/14 so that should give plenty time for anyone that wants to participate.


1450mm Strut for LR3 with 10 braces. Can be just the front strut or all 3… your pick. If you chose to do all 3 I plan to run LEDs under this one like I did my smaller LR3 if that makes a difference.
LR3-strut-plate-variable (1).dxf (107.1 KB)

Needs to be able to be milled with 1/16" or larger end mill. Have NOT have good luck with V bits in aluminum turning out well.

Can include the nick name for the LR3 but not a requirement. “Fat Albert” is the nick name. Blue Angles not the tv show. Changing it up. I’m truly sorry to everyone that has already put in effort using this. But I just cant get there with it. Lets narrow it down to something that truly pays homage to V1 and the Lowrider.

Will be cut with just screw holes, not the slots so no need to have them if modeling from scratch.

I am open to 2 sided milling but will need heavy instructions lol. Have only tried it once and it did not go well.

As @bitingmidge mentioned the idea of though holes with back lit LED is something that would be awesome as well.

That’s all I can think of. So the rest is free choice.

Winner will be decided on 9/15 and will receive a $60 gift card to V1 Shop

Ryan I hope this is ok. If not I will surly take it down no problem.

Edited to change the price of the gift card… Just enough for that new Jackpot Board :sunglasses:

Edit 2 to add the back lit LED mention


Ryan and I did plan a contest half a year ago but forgot about it… I like contests. :smile:


Was something I didn’t speak to him about beforehand so wanted to make sure he was good with it. Always want to be respectful of his wishes


Run it!!


I still have the emails in very very empty inbox…This summer has been unusually difficult for me. I think the shows really took it out of me.


Oh, because you pointed out the second option, for those who didn’t know, I now what to contact my friend that is good with graphic design, just to make a bad joke with all the characters from the cartoon.

Haven’t thought about that for years, until you reminded me.
Only sad that there’s the dark cloud over that now.
Way to ruin my childhood memories Bill.

That does sound cool. But unfortunately for this post it wont win that’s for sure LOL.

@vicious1 Can I go ahead and buy the gift card now and you hold on to it for the winner? Just so everyone knows I’m serious???

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Everyone knows your serious - maybe @vicious1 just needs to send you a one-off discount coupon or something when the time comes.

So is this the thread for entries?


I assume so unless it would be better to start a new one?

How about changing the name to something more descriptive so it can be searched?

“Fat Albert Strut Contest”?

Do you have a completion date?

Here’s a link to a 1450 SVG file from the Docs.

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Good Idea… Done


Well there you go, since my day was shot to bits anyway, and I wanted to play with this pattern to see if it might work with another project I know and love.
I figured if you were serious enough to run a contest, you don’t mind a bit of mucking round, so let’s start with the name.

I know the Angels would prefer more blue than gold, but a nice printed badge with blue perimeters should outline them nicely against the aluminium. Print the badge first, with a colour change for the outline.

Don’t worry that big yellow background is just so you can stick it from behind like an inlay really.

Now set your machine going, because there’s so much cutting to do it might be finished by the time you get back next month. It should all work with a 1/8" bit but I won’t check it unless I have to! :wink:

It’s a bit curious how my brain can make the V1 logo look like a swarm of starfighters if I let it.

If ever that gets done. Glue in the name from behind, and wire up your lights to light up the rest!

That was seriously fun, but not a lot of wiring got done on my little project! :smiley:


I like it a lot! Have to see how that would work with a brace behind it. Probably have to split the printed part in 2. Or just engrave it in the strut and Paint. That’s how we did the plates on the other LR3 Also seeing that reminded me something that I completely forgot to put in the beginning. I do plan to run 10 braces. So I added that to the first post and uploaded a DXF for the stock strut with 10 braces

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I’d definitely go the print (it can be split into as many pieces as necessary as only the letters are visible) - the outlines can stand just a little proud of the strut and the coloured backgrounds set back as far as you wish.

It’s easy enough to fix the number of braces, will do that if you want to build it. My first take had nothing in front of the braces. I figure .5mm obscure acrylic and lighting behind will fix that! :smiley:

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I love it!

If you want. You will get a fancy email with a gift card number, you should be able to hand that off to anyone.

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Sounds good! Thanks!

Guessing this is the best way to do it??

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Whatever you put in there should show up as one number/value if I am not mistaken.

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