Fun with Aluminum

I agree this is an amazing photo. It has chips, action, cutting, and shows off the major thickness of that aluminum!

If you could “stage” a photo like this one but with the 3… but man, this is a great photo.


I tried to get it with this one but its not quite the same…

This also has both the LR3, the aluminum, the chips, the implied cutting… It’s portrait instead of landscape, but there may be need of that, and if not it could be cropped. But one challenge is that words are most readable when oriented like normal. One has to either turn his head or try to rotate this in the mind to read it.

Yeah it’s just not the same as the first one. I never can seem to get the right pics at the right time lol. Hell I should have been recoding all of this for a YouTube video but didn’t think to do that either lol

Is your dust collector off or are the chips too heavy?

Is that 1/4” aluminum? Damn

Now I’m jealous but don’t know enough to cut aluminum yet. Will keep watching :grinning:

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Dust collection is running but the mist cooler is working against it. I have an extremely fine mist of 99% IPA going to keep everything nice and cool.

Yes sir it is 1/4" And I’m cutting it in a single pass.

There was a time I didn’t know anything about it either. Just throw a piece on the machine and give it a shot lol. Check out @azab2c github page. He has a list of bits/feeds/speeds that are all tested and work good.


Trochoidal, trochoidal!!! Chant it with me… :stuck_out_tongue:


Absolutely!! I use it for acrylic too




How much IPA are you pumping? Is it a steady state or computer controled?

Its just an amazon mist coolant setup. I have the air at 20psi on my regulator and just barely crack open the IPA. Just enough to keep things cool but it evaporates as fast as it comes out.

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Technically it’s not mist it’s a minimum quantity lubrication (MQL) system.


well :poop: second time tonight the machine has been cutting along and then just taken off in a straight line. First time it did it down a clear path it had already cut. This time it was 3/4 of the way thought the FINAL cut and it took off home and broke the bit, then returned back and tried to start back where it left off. Said G?1 ******* on the screen. A few times it just hickuped in the cut. hung for a second then went back to work. No idea why its doing it and I’ve never had a cut do that before. Checked the gcode and everything seems like it should. That’s it I’m done messing around. Tomorrow morning the jackpot gets installed and we will see how it goes finishing the cut out. I have no doubts it will go well!

I had mine just deciding to go at full speed, even more than I had put in, in a straight line. I restarted the cut, happened again. Then it slowed down to a crawl. After all it was the ESP32 that hada hiccup. Restarting it completely fixed it.

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