Bit-Cam view of Terrain Carving

I have tried a new way of filming my chips flying, from very close up: I attached an Insta360 OneRS camera to the Z assembly of my portable MPCNC ( Portable MPCNC by Steve M. Potter - Dublin Maker 2021 - YouTube ). I LOVE this camera! It allows you to pan, tilt and zoom after having taken the video, and even to decide where in the 360 degrees to point the video. I also had a smartphone camera aimed at the work from above (Huawei P20 Pro). I should have turned off the image stabilization on the phone cam because that actually caused some jiggling due to the algorithm not knowing what to focus on. I did at least lock the focus and exposure.

The following album has a lot of stills and videos of the entire process of making a terrain carving, this time of Bear Valley, CA, where I did a lot of skiing in high school and where my best friend is a botanist for the US Forest Service. To deal with the very long cutting operations, I did some speeding up in Premier Pro. But I also included some 1x speed shots of extreme chip-generating action. (I left off the dust shoe so we could see the bit doing its work.) This album also includes some aspects of pouring resin to represent Big Bear and Baldwin lakes.
Be sure to click on the i with a circle around it to see the captions. (or scroll up if you are viewing the images on your phone)

Google Photos album with stills and videos:


That turned out so perfect!!! Seriously flawless.

I love the split screen shot, seeing you in the background with the big puck and respirator makes it look like you are about to operate on an alien or something. Love everything about this.

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This is fantastic. I love the camera angles this provides.

Also, this terrain carving is perfection. I desperately want to learn how to set this up. I understand the actual cutting, tooling, and physical processes. But the work that you do to generate the gcode is where I have struggled.

Really great work!

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Thanks, Ryan and Matt!
Matt, have a look at “Step 4: Generate Toolpaths With CAM Software” of my Terrain Carving Tutorial on Instructables. Then ask questions here if you want more help.


Is it just me or is that Primo flying! Man I would love to see speeds like that on just the rapids. You must have some mods to be able to move that quick. Or I just suck at tuning LOL


There are a few threads, the third one gives you more insight in the specs.


Philipp, thanks for the nice summary of my machine’s evolution. I will write a more generic post soon about tuning, since this is a popular topic. So look out for that…



I know all of your posts because I approach things similarly, never starting small and trying to find the limit. :sweat_smile: Mine was 2000mm/min 6mm DOC in beech plywood with 6mm endmill. The first LR job (with a few problems that should now be fixed). I should try to find that video…
Eh, I lied. I checked the video, it is “only” 2000mm/min. Still fast. :smiley: