Well this isn’t good

Something tells me this isn’t going to end good…

This actually happened a few days ago. Just now been able to bring my self to mess with it lol. Already ordered a new heat block and have spare heater cartridges and thermistors here. I have a feeling it’s going to need a board swap as well. When it first happened I tried to get it off with the hot end still heating and then I got a pop and everything turned off. Hoping for just a fuse but I’m thinking it’s more than that. Haven’t looked into it yet. On a good note with all the recent CNC upgrades to the jackpot board I find myself with 3 spare SKR boards lol

It looks like a case of extruder mummyfication!

I blame the silicone sock.

Mine did that when a part let go of the bed and stayed with the nozzle.

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That looks painfully familiar…

My solidoodle workbench was notorious for doing that.

Do you know where the hotend was leaking from when this happened?

I tried that at one point also on the solidoodle and had the same result. Once you blob the hotend, it’s e-stop time. Somewhere I have a heat gun that I used to use for shrink tubing that would be perfect for melting the blob away.

On the solidoodle the fix was to get rid of the garbage design hot end and move to an E3DV6. What extruder/hotend are you using? A Hemera or an H2? Those shouldn’t suffer that problem if properly assembled so I’m really curious where your hotend was leaking from.

Been There, Done That.

It actually wasnt nearly as difficult to clean as I thought it would be. I had to heat up the block again to be able to remove it from the extruder, because I needed to get pieces of the blob off i order to be able to rotate it.

Fortunately the wires weren’t damaged.

Bingo! Man I hate printing on PEI. I have tried and tried to like it but I can get perfect bed adheasion with nothing but clean glass. This PEI is never that good.

Hemera. Funny thing I have a H2 VS2 Lite sitting here…

On glass, are you using an adhesive? What happens if you use the same adhesive on the PEI?
(I have a preferred hairspray, which works for me on borosilicate glass and also on smooth PEI- works best at 54C bed temp)

I prefer glass beds, sometimes with a glue stick. That being said it still happens. I just dealt with this and it broke my cooling fan… I normally check in on the first 30 minutes of a print; I did not that time.

No adhesive on glass 98% of the time. the other 2% Elmer’s purple glue stick.

Usually before every print the bed gets a wipe down with 99% IPA on a magic eraser, sometimes every other print lol.

Well, there’s your problem, stop spilling your beer on the bed!!! IPA,s should be enjoyed, not spilled on your machine… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I can’t speak from experience, maybe someone here can.
Maker’s Muse seems to think highly of G10, otherwise known as FR4 or Garolite.

My apologies for throwing more variables into the discussion.

Mine was a glass bed with glue stick. Started using pei after that. :rofl:

I second hairspray, nothing like some plain old aquanet.

I also took some 120 grit sandpaper to the glass surface, hardly have any issues with prints coming off

I never had good luck with the hair spray. Glue stick has always worked good for me. But what’s nice about glass is when your z offset is right you don’t need anything with PLA. And a lot of the time PETG either.

The nozzle wasn’t necessarily leaking.

Both my brother and I have experienced this from a part sticking to the nozzle, or the nozzle picking up a snarl of “spaghetti” due to a part popping off the build platform in mid-print.

Finally got the new hot end today. How are they going to sell that without the 2 screws??? The only time i have ever bought just this part was because of a massive blob. I would have paid a few bucks more to have the screws for the heater cartridge and thermistor included!

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I hate when that happens. Most of us eventually end up with a good set of spare parts (especially if you have a bit of packrat in you like I do). It was super frustrating for me when I first started working on 3D printers to always end up getting less of an assembly or part than I thought I was buying. Not to mention the frustration of dropping a unique screw you can’t buy at the local hardware store and having that screw immediately warp out to whatever alternate space time location all the missing socks go to, never to be seen again.

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Absolutely. I have spare parts for sure. Just not those 2 particular screws LOL

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