Show me your IPA Mister setup

I’m looking at misters on Amazon, for milling aluminum. Most of them come with a brass valve body, a flexible nozzle assembly, and a pickup hose.

How do you attach everything to the LR3 so that the IPA bottle, air hose, nozzle assembly, valve body, etc. all stay together as the core moves around the work piece?

Pictures welcome!


I will try to remember to take a picture today. I just have mine cable tied to the vac hose, the air and ipa pickup are Velcroed to it as well. The one I have it is hard to get small amounts of ipa, the other I have does this well. You only need a tiny tiny amount, the air does most of the work.


So with a bit of feedback from @Jonathjon in this thread, and using @DougJoseph’s remiix of Jonathon’s kinematic tool holder mount in this thread, I managed to get the air mister mounting figured out.

Pictures aren’t the greatest, but I routed the air hose along the vacuum hose, and the liquid hose along the core wiring harness. In the picture the liquid pickup nozzle is stuffed inside a plastic bag (to keep the dust out) and then crammed into the backside of the gantry. I’m planning to design a bottle holder for the IPA that mounts to one of the strut brackets, so the IPA can ride along with the gantry rather than just sitting on the table.


Just figuring out the F&S for cutting aluminum, and I should be ready to go in a day or two.



I designed and printed a bottle holder for the IPA…

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I was wondering how you were going to mount that with the vac hose hangers in the same spot. Now I see you aren’t using them at all so that makes sense.

Not the IPA mount for a LR3 I was hoping to see…

Thought someone finally figured out an easier way to combine the two hobbies.

Is this more what you were hoping for?..



Proper lubrication of the operating gears is essential.

Shiner or Sam Adams preferred, but yup!

One works with what one has…

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Curious, IPA is quite flammable and I’m guessing it’s probably not healthy to inhale IPA vapours so, what are the health and safety precautions one should take to use a system like this?

I leave the safety man at work and lock osha out of the yard… LOL

I hear you, normally, I’m not “that guy” but in this case, I’d like to avoid blowing up my shop if at all possible so, it seemed like a prudent question to ask. :grin:

Oh there is absolutely nothing wrong with you asking. I was just being funny. Don’t mind me

True on both points. Also can cause skin issues (basically will dissolve all the oils from your skin)

Ventilation is recommended, and if you might have skin contact, gloves are also recommended.

It’s flammable ( near invisible flame), but not tremendously explosive, although if vaporized (which the mister is doing), there is a possibility. Again, ventilation, avoiding sparks or open flame, and a working fire extinguisher are all good ideas.

Link to MSDS (pdf):

Hey, that’s a lager, not an IPA, Mister! :rofl:

Sorry, it was down to what was in the fridge, and Stella didn’t want to get her picture taken…

Me, every time I see the topic:

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