Not another MP3DP V4

I might try to print something with it tomorrow. Today I cranked up the heater on the chamber to see what temperature I can get to.

The chamber heater itself only got to about 33c, but with the heated bed at 100c, the chamber stayed between 35c and 40c.

I still have a pretty big opening in the back of the printer I need to figure out how to close off to get some higher chamber temps.

Small xyz print in Asa.

I have some tuning to do. I used glue stick on pei to get it to stick. Chamber stayed around 40c. Bed set to 100c. Hot end 260c. 50mm/min print speed. No cooling fan.


Naa, wifi wardriving box. Designed the box for one of these.
Portable ESP32 Wardriver (PCB only) from Jhewitt_net on Tindie

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