Not another MP3DP V4

I might try to print something with it tomorrow. Today I cranked up the heater on the chamber to see what temperature I can get to.

The chamber heater itself only got to about 33c, but with the heated bed at 100c, the chamber stayed between 35c and 40c.

I still have a pretty big opening in the back of the printer I need to figure out how to close off to get some higher chamber temps.

Small xyz print in Asa.

I have some tuning to do. I used glue stick on pei to get it to stick. Chamber stayed around 40c. Bed set to 100c. Hot end 260c. 50mm/min print speed. No cooling fan.


Naa, wifi wardriving box. Designed the box for one of these.
Portable ESP32 Wardriver (PCB only) from Jhewitt_net on Tindie

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Well. That’ll bring an end to the day.

Ok I have to ask… how did that happen???

Some monkey with a wrench over tightened it, so when I went to remove it, it twisted off.

The hot end was also loose, so I’m wondering if filament had squeezed into the threads and glued it in place.

We have a saying in Germany that goes: Nach fest kommt ab (loosely translated “after tight comes broken” (even though it’s kinda more funny in German)). I think that fits well here. :smiley:


I’m still here.

I still have the new hotend sitting on my desk. Other obligations keep jumping in front of me getting the 3d printer running. However, I recently started a new job and they sent me some hardware that I need to put someplace. I’m thinking I probably need to 3d print a small mount for it.

Maybe I’ll get the printer running this weekend again.

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I’m happy to report that I finally got the new hot end installed. The printer appears to be working again.

I think I figured out where I went wrong with the first setup. I don’t think I had the heat throat far enough into the heat block so that the nozzle wasn’t fully seated against the heat throat.

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Coming back to this…

I need to design a small ‘discovery’ sub to put next to it on the shelf now…

As a bonus, any print failures could just be labeled “Titan”…

What? Too soon?


This is a new one…

Belt came loose. Luckily it happened near the beginning of the print and I was watching it.

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Yup…that is the issue I just had. My belts on this printer were pretty tight and you can see it bends the part out a little bit. I can see it in your picture. The belt slot is open, not parralel sides.

So I have a new center part that gets rid of that if you want it. I think I am going to redo that part to have a insert wedge to catch the belt in the back. I just have not CAD’d it up yet.

Id love to take a look at it if you don’t mind! Knowing I was going to have to deal with the belts again almost stopped me from taking it apart LOL. But I’m glad I did. Still need to reprint my core anyways. Never replaced it from the fire

I think part of my problem is the heat too. It was over 100f in the shop yesterday when I was trying to print. I had to open the electronics door on the printer and point an oscillating fan to keep the raspberry pi from overheating. PLA starts to do bad things at those temperatures. I think the slot having constant pressure at those temps caused the PLA to warp.

The plan is to eventually reprint the entire printer from ASA, but I haven’t printed enough with ASA to get really nice prints.

If you have a different core design, I’d like to try it. Not sure when I’ll get around to it.

It’s been a bit since I’ve messed with the printer. I was having issues with first layer not gripping with the ASA, but it’s been way too hot in the shop to spend much time out there.

This morning it was much cooler. I switched back to PLA. I discovered my babysets was set way off since replacing the hot end recently. I got the PLA to stick and printed a few prints this morning. I’m reluctant to go back to trying ASA again just yet. I have some designs I need to get finished first.

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Well. That’s new. Not a grub screw, but the entire core came loose from the bearing block.

Even with a brim it didn’t stick? 90% ipa and a magic eraser, get that puppy to stick. Or maybe you need a bit more heat, I run mine at 62 for PLA. Looks like it was dancing around for a while.

No. I mean the core on the printer came loose. There’s a bolt laying on the bed. There was only one bolt still screwed in and it was barely hanging on. When I removed the fan shroud to get to the bolt holes, 2 more screws dropped out.

The print stuck to the hotend because it was physically leaning into the print.

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Ohhhhhh, dang that is crazy. Have not had that happen yet. Locktight?