MP3DP Repeat H2 Build

This is just the hotend, but I recycled most of the parts from my MP3DP V2 H2 hotend. I also created the Part Cooling fan duct to more properly fit the origial and V2 versions of the H2 Hotend. Shown is the 4020R version, but I also have a 5015R and 5020C versions as well (but not real world tested yet.

See attached pics and assembly diagram.
Assembly Diagram:





Update 2022-04-27: Files are now on my thingiverse Here.



Wow, talk about Cad Skills, love that drawing!


Thanks! I’m an aerospace engineer by trade…lol…


Hey Ryan, I think I know someone who can help with Drawings and Instructions for the LR3, just sayin, LOL @Ryan


Heck yes!

I will probably do a few exploded views this time around. I will get the basics up and let’s see where we can go from there!


If you need techpubs, i can probably lend a hand. plus id love to take a look at the next iteration that i can take my lowrider to…lol


Nice, Thanks!


Dude, this is awesome. I have been dead set on progressing with my Repeat this weekend, starting with a new tool mount. Unfortunately, my CAD-fu is straight garbage. Printing this now. Thank you.

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No problem! Glad I could help. I’m building my repeat now, just waiting on parts.

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Hey just wanted to give you a bit of feedback on the H2 extruded mount. Everything is working great. Cooling is working well with your fan mount. Although it’s great as it stands now, if I were to change anything about it, it would be to move everything over to the right a few mm to try and flush the bltouch with the left side of the hub so that there is no potential interference with the end stop.

I was, however, able to get by just fine with my build, but I could see it being a potential issue with certain setups.

Thank you again for those files. They printed very well and are functioning great.


I had to pause my Repeat build as work got hectic. I did however see that as a potental issue and made the BLTouch mount more shallow to clear everthing to the right, but have yet to release the updated files. I also adjusted the the main H2 body mount since it sometimes bends the fan part of the H2 body mount. I also made that part a tad thicker for printability issues (it sometimes fails when printing the outermost part of the fan arm where its basically 1.5mm^2).

Thank you for the feedback, and I welcome more if you find anything else inadequate!


This is the best community :heart: i have ever been involved in. I wish the world did to


Any chance I could get a modification on your cooling fan mount for the REVO version of the H2?

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I dont have a REVO version of the H2, and I’m still rocking a Repeat. I can probably give it a chance… what Fan size are you looking for?

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same fan, just move the output of the duct over and down a little.

@azab2c posted this a while back.

Firstly, I appreciate MJLeverty sharing their MP3DP "Repeat" Toolhead, BIQU H2 by inoxdragoon - Thingiverse, thank you!

Since it’s been a while… Curious what other Part Cooling Fan Ducts designs folks are using on their BIQU V2 H2, for a REVO version ideally, but mount points for regular are not too different.

There’s a bunch on Printables, am wading through those options. BTT have one on GitHub too, H2 V2s Revo >> H2 V2S Revo 4020 fan duct.STL. However suggestions from folks here carries more weight for me. Cheers!

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