Mike's MP3DP v5 build

I’ll be embarking on a new printer build most likely starting next week…

I’m in the process of gathering parts and finalizing dimensions. I’m going to use this thread to try to document everything I do, ask questions etc.

This will probably be a slow build, but I will get started as soon as I have all my ducks in a row (a lot harder than you think these days).



300x300x300 print area

I plan to build the frame slightly larger in order to accommodate some mods that require the nozzle to travel outside the print area.

Not final yet, but am thinking 325x350 so my X and Y linear rails are the same size. Was originally going to do 350x350, but it’s not as easy to find rails in 25mm increments, and I’m not sure I want to bother with cutting them


Have been mostly settled on one of the Biqu H2 V2S variants.
Still weighing options…
I like the Lite, but not the hard to source nozzle.
I like the V2S Revo, but the nozzle price kinda makes me hesitate


Manta M8P with TMC2209 drivers


Black extrusion and hardware

Printed Parts are expected to be Orange PETG. I have a box of Hatchbox PETG I’m trying to get rid of, and it matches my LR3 :grin:

I intend to mill the aluminum parts myself. I have not yet milled anything aluminum with my LR3, so we’ll see how it goes. Undecided what type of finish will be on it…


BTT Smart Filament Sensor v2
BTT HDMI 5 or 7…still undecided

Other Mods

Nozzle Scrubber
Klicky Probe
Auto Z Offset with Voron Sexbolt setup


Hopefully you can find all your parts with that many ducks! Lmao


Was this for you?



Holy Duck!!! Lmao. I still think that’s awesome!!!

Why do you have so many ducks @vicious1 ? :sweat_smile:

Those are contingency Z drop bump stops (For if the e-brake idea doesn’t work)…

Years of hording…and terrorizing all my neighbors by hiding them in random places at random times.

Did you start the trend of giving them to jeep owners as a way to tell them they have a nice car when really you were just trying to get rid of them?

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It is a wheeling jeep thing

It’s an everywhere Jeep thing, my mom has one in Ohio, saw them in Vegas and Florida too

Can confirm Florida and Louisiana For sure

Okay. Even more confused now about those ducks. Is all your profit going into ducks? WTF is up here? -_-

As far as I know, every BTT shipment and many individual BTT product packages include an obligatory rubber duck. I’m surprised there aren’t tens of thousands of rubber ducks in Ryan’s picture…


So many ducks… Thanks @vicious1!

Thinking of giving away ducks as prizes at maker event(s) if I get duck hunt working on the wood tile display.

Maybe tramp lower back stamp with V1E.com (on the ducks) would be cool/helpful.

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Okay, now that makes sense. :smiley: Thanks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Exactly. When I pack SKr orders There are two ducks I usually keep one and stuff the box with other stuff instead. At open sauce I brought 3 full grocery bags.

I don’t mean to totally derail the duck conversation…but…

I’m looking at the CAD to make a list of flat parts that need to be cut and get started preparing the files to be cut next week

I ordered some 3/16" Aluminum from Amazon that will be delivered tomorrow. I’m away for the weekend, so I’ll get started next week after @Jonathjon cuts all of his this weekend and tells us all the right bits, feeds, and speeds to use :slight_smile:

@vicious1 can you tell me if this is correct? Are these all the flat parts with the correct quantities?

Do any of them need to be mirrored, or is it just a straight flip around?