Little boxes with magnetic lid

It’s me again, back with some boxes (at least not a pencil case this time, right? :D). They are gifts for the advent calendar for my kids’ preschool teachers. Beech wood (glued up plate, bought like that, don’t know the english name, mabe someone can translate: Leimholzplatte Buche B/C 800x200x18 mm bei HORNBACH kaufen). All cut with a 1-flute 3.175mm endmill, 3mm DOC, 1000mm/sec, 20 000 RPM.

I also found a new font I really like. I used Tahu! as my go-to font (as in Alexandra), but just found Belle Quest (as in Elena). The only problem with it is that it’s very thin. Need to use my 30° endmill for those next time, not the 60°.

Comparison between linear cleanup of material (left) and the parallel strategy (right), which leaves a much nicer finish at the bottom (no sanding involved for either box):

And as per custom, the dxf for anyone that wants to make on as well: Ringebox.dxf (412.9 KB)


Those are awesome!!!


Took me three tries to have the offset right for the lid to fit without filing it down, because there is still a bit of deflection so that the parts do not match if you just cut inside/outside of the same line. I think for that to work you need a really, really expensive machine. :smiley:

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Diameter wise :ok_hand: i would not expect inside outside to fit .1 or .2 mm should give clearance though. If wood fit that tight the first raining day it would be stuck. Clearance is always needed so you have a very tuned machine :+1:

I needed 0.5mm. I should be ashamed, I know, but now it fits exactly including deflection and whatnot. I even used a finishing pass for the first time. :scream:


Wood is fickle that is still tight tolerances 1/2 a millimeter is small​:flushed::partying_face:

Nice! Impressive work.

They are great! I know you provided the .dxf file, but for those of us too lazy to open it, what are the approximate overall dimensions?



First of all… Nice job!!!
Did you draw the dove yourself? If so is it OK to use the picture? II don’t want to do any injustice to copyright of someone

Wait you made one…. :eyes::flushed::smirk: link? May need inspiration for some pens I’m gonna turn soon

Also these look awesome dude! Do you need to plan for wood movement on a piece like this sense the cnc is so accurate or is it too minimal to worry about on smaller pieces?

I hear these sometimes work better than 2-flute. Is that your experience as well?

Nice job! Sorry, your title made me think of this song and now I can’t get it out of my head. :grin:

No, I borrowed it from the internet. You can certainly use it for private use, I would not recommend selling something with this dove on it on Etsy though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Take your pick (in order of me making them, I really like that you can see the improvement of the plans and of my skill):

The newest dxf is attached. It has some instructions and comments in German, but not too many. The bottom two drawings are the pencil case, the top left is for the inlay/engraving and the left two boxes for the mirrored drawings if doing an inlay to have a border for the clearing paths.

Stiftebox Blanko Kreis v2.dxf (299.5 KB)

For the pencil cases I nearly exclusively use a 6mm 2-flute, just for the magnet holes I switch because I am a) lazy and b) it’s so much quicker.

The boxes above were made with a 3.175mm 1-flute because I didn’t want to swap the endmills for the two magnet holes. This is connected to the ER collets being pretty snug in the collet and I didn’t want to be bothered taking them out… :smiley: I ordered another collet so I can easily swap between my most (and so far only) used sizes… :stuck_out_tongue:

Eek. Switching to Tool again. :smiley:

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Oh dear, this is like pulling teeth! :grin:

They are really gorgeous, but how deep is that cut? (Asking for a friend).

I wanna see how much I remember so let’s see if I can read them :rofl:

Thanks for all the info!

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Oh, you want like, details. Sorry, I am used to asking the questions as a teacher and getting stupid answers. :smiley:

The wood is 18mm, the hole of the bottom part is 16mm deep, leaving 2mm at the bottom. The first one was only 12mm deep though. The other one has got a 2.3mm lip and is 5mm deep below that. Then I cut off the top 80 to 10mm or so with my circular saw. I eyeballed the cut. For the other boxes is usually use my planing endmill, but there was no time. :stuck_out_tongue: Plus, the kids have 3 oval discs to build something neat. :joy: The magnets are 5mm long, so those holes are 5.2mm deep.

I think that should cover it. :smiley:


Sorry I drifted off about half way… :rofl:

Thanks - I’ve been pondering how to draw a nice curve over that oval top. Laser inlay, curved top Hmmm…

16mm deep is the number I was curious about - they look much deeper than that.

Elena is only 12mm deep… :open_mouth:

I’m going to leave that one alone… :zipper_mouth_face: