Earrings for the wife

My wife loves earrings and our children. So I thought it might be a good idea to combine those interests.
Even though I am whining in another thread about accuracy, I am really happy with the result. She is going to be really happy and I can’t wait for Christmas now. :smile:
Wood is Ash and Maple. Size is 30mm. Endmill is 30°.


WOW, tiny little inlays. You are crazy, I can’t believe you pulled that off!


With a machine with 75x55cm workspace, I might add. :yum:

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Yikes, the detail is amazing. Curious how many attempts it took t get it right? Of course, the lesser among us would have wussed out and settled for an epoxy inlay!

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Right!? I was going to do an epoxy inlay for a friend, but now I feel like I need to test myself…can I actually pull off an inlay.

Took 3 tries with the inlay because I took 0 a little too low. Besides that it was smooth sailing. Took me around 2 hours total.


You can do it! :slight_smile: The thing about me is that I get bored pretty quickly doing the same stuff more than once and try to do new stuff. If you look at my first try with epoxy, it went worse. :smiley:

And don’t forget Jamie’s rotation over the parallel axis thing or whatever he suggested, it seems to work. :smiley:

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Who has the guts for epoxy? I just painted inside the carve:


That was exactly what I did when I built and engrave the Tea Cabinet couple year ago.


Those things are tiny. I’ve been following your other posts with interest because I’ve been super tempted to try out my little carved Bee as walnut inlay in maple. I even glued up a tiny 6x4” end grain walnut slab for it already

Yes, do it! I can’t wait to see your bee! Get an endmill with a steep angle. I used 60° before and it is near immpossible to do tiny inlays and deep inlays. Switching to 30° helps a lot. That it is not 100% accurate is rather my fault than the machine’s, just trying to figure out what I am doing wrong exactly. :smiley:

Here is a picture with a scale. The “Luisa” is roughly 12-13mm wide and 6mm high. Your bee also does not use such a filigrane font, so it should be doable.

P.S.: You need to post more of your stuff in the Things you’ve made. I just went through your lowrider thread, love your epoxy stuff. :slight_smile:


I have a bunch of v-bits since inlays are something I’ve been dying to do. I have 10, 20, 30, 60, 90 degree bits. I had a 15 degree but it fell out of the collet and now has a 3mm flat tip, lol

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Yeah, flat tip is not going to help. :smiley: I think that 10 or 20 might even be better, but I can’t get them in Germany (I am lying, I just found a 15°: Sorotec Online-Shop - VHM Stichel). I can get one for inlays that’s 2.8°, so basically perfect, but it’s got a round tip (Sorotec Online-Shop - Intarsienfräser). No sharp corners then.

As Shia would say it: Just do it!

Lol, I’ll let my wife know I need more shop time

I do have a quick one I need to post. Not sure if I have finished pics though

Just put them in new threads so I can dd them to the gallery. I can only add one picture per thread.