Box for the earrings

As you might remember, I made earrings for the wife (Earrings for the wife), testing a lazy variant of the Estlcam Technique (V-Carve Inlay Using Estlcam (But Technique Can Be Used With Any CAM Software)) which turned out okay, but not brilliant.

This time I made a box for the earrings. For the inlay I used the same method (but without being lazy), made absolutely sure my MPCNC was square (which it is when I am not stupid) and cut an inlay (without rotating, measuring very carefully) which is a perfect fit.

Yeahyeah, I am going to shup up now and let the pictures speak:

(One mom, one dad, four kids, for anyone questioning my maths. :D)

/edit: Box is made from Ash, the outer, light wood and leftovers of smoked oak. The font on the earrings is called “Tahu!” and the one from the box “Artifakt Element”. Both of those are awesome (and free).



That is such high quality work.


That is awesome!
Aaaand I’m glad I don’t have to do a retraction video :stuck_out_tongue:
Glad to see it worked!

I was looking at the math in the picture and wasn’t getting it (lack of coffee this morning)… that’s awesome!

Beautiful job!

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@Tokoloshe Shouldn’t it be 1+1=6? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Really nice! Looks like you have the inlay process down.

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I actually thought about that, but the earrings only have the 4 kids. :yum:

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Great work

A question about your starting material: edge/ face grain?

I ask because it doesn’t look like edge grain, and face grain is the harder of the types to do. Much less room for error. But you nailed it.

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The box is face grain, the inlay edge grain leftovers from another project. :slight_smile:

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