Hippo gracefully performing ballet

I used my low rider to make some 1" boxes with a carving. I bought some small jewelery for my wife and I made this box to hold it. It’s pretty fun to just do something quick. I wanted to do most of the work with my other we machines, so I just did the carving and the joint/box part on the CNC and the outside was my table saw, and my hand planes. The low rider was like a hippo doing ballet.

I really like this finish (the species is cherry). It sounds complicated, but it’s very quick and only two coats. I’m not sure it will work great on larger projects but the feel and look are awesome.

I made my own Danish oil, which is:

  • boiled linseed oil
  • oil polyeurethane
  • mineral spirits
    In equal parts.

You apply it heavy, with a rag and gloves, let it sit for 5-10 minutes, making sure the end grain stays saturated and then wipe the excess off. I like this in general and one coats is usually enough, but it’s a pretty soft finish.

Then I applied a thin coat of water based polycrylic, with a brush and it ended up looking like oil, but it’s not gummy like oil poly. Because it was after the Danish oil, it doesn’t soak up and it ends up pretty smooth.

On this particular piece, I finished before carving (like the deer clock) and then painted, but I scraped the extra paint away.

[attachment file=49951]

[attachment file=49952]

[attachment file=49953]

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I freaking love it! The way the carving came out, dam, I really like that one. Using multiple machines is usually the better way to go. Did you do the sketch and digitize it?

That instantly reminded me of a sketch that I drew of a 4 leaf clover from years ago, couldn’t bring myself to toss it so now I have to carve it into some things.

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The carving was a heart from images.google and the letters were drawn in EstlCAM (the font name started with a P, but I don’t remember what it was).

The carving didn’t have a flat bottom, so since the heart was variable width, the path was really neat.



Love it Jeff!!!


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