Bartman's LR3 build thread - A New(bie) Adventure!

Solid milestone right there! Aluminum always teaches me something…


Very solid progress!


Great work! Point impressive steps to overcoming obstacles.

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Well it is with much fondness and some slight nostalgia that I bid farewell to “Little Red” LR3.

I learned a ton putting this together and making my first cuts in hardboard and then aluminum. But it has served its purpose, and now it is time to move on to the next phase of the project.

“Little Red” is being dismantled to make way for “Big Red”. This will be a full size (63" x “120” table, approx 52" x 105" cutting area) build, with a few modifications from standard build:

  • Side mounted belts (both sides) to increase cutting area, reduce possibility of snagging belts, and allow easier loading of material onto table
  • Swapping of X & Y axis to make the table “landscape” rather than “portrait” (more details in an upcoming post)

Disassembly was fast, less than an hour to remove all of the motors and bearings from the YZ Plates (way faster than assembly, but that seems to be the way of things).

In the last post I mentioned that aluminum chips went EVERYWHERE! Well I found a bunch more during disassembly…

Tomorrow will be the start of re-assembly, starting with moving the linear rails from the printed XZ and YZ plates and onto the new aluminum plates. I’ll have to take a bit of time to work on wire/cable management as I put everything together, still haven’t decided whether to us shrink tubing on everything, or continue to use the mesh loom that I used for Little Red.


Congrats! Thanks for keeping us posted!

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Some good progress today. Rebuilt both sides XZ and YZ Plates Assembly. Used threadlocker on all of the 3mm screws holding the linear rail to the plates, and on the Z axis grub screws (X axis and Y axis sprockets didn’t get disturbed, so didn’t re-do those ones).

Everything went together really smoothly, except one of the Z motor mounts wouldn’t fit into the hole in the YZ Plate. I had to use a file to widen the hole by about 0.5mm. Not sure why, the other one fit perfectly, but it might have something to do with the restart after a failed cut on that hole…

I also replaced the short Y rail with the full size (10’) one. Still need to screw it to the table, but am waiting until I get the side mounted belt holders mounted to determine the exact distance from the table edge to place the rail.


Ran into a bit of a hiccup on the rebuild, which has put me on a bit of a diversion, and has delayed things a bit…

As mentioned several times above, my plan has been to use @Fabien’s truly cool (somewhat parametric) side mounted belt Y motor holder. It is designed for use on the non-rail side, and it worked great there…

However on the rail side, it sticks out a bit too much for my plans, which was to put the rail right at the edge of the table.

I looked into @Rob_W 's remix version, which sits a bit closer, but still was too far away for my plans.

So I ended up doing my own remix of Rob’s remix, and made a version that allows for the Y rail to be right at the edge of the table:

I must admit that when I considered doing a remix with F360, I didn’t have a clue how to proceed or where to begin. However @Rob_W very patiently and helpfully gave me a few tips and pointers, and got me started on the journey. There is no way that I could have accomplished this without his help, so THANK YOU!!! Also kudos and many thanks to @Fabien for his valuable contributions to the discussion, and for creating the original design!

(More details about the process and the issues involved starting here…)

So now I just need to dust off the Ender 3, print out the new motor holder, then it is back on track!


Cool! Thanks for the updates!

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Looks great!

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