ZenXY FluidNC RMRRF 2024

I have two pendants that are half built (have all the electronics and a printed case, just have to wire them up and test them with a jackpot.).

Maybe gives me something to finish and bring with to contribute in a small way.

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I would definitely like to check one out!

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Hi Jeff! My zenxy is on a wildly different board (makerbase dlc32) running I have no idea what (but some grbl variant) and when I set it up I banged my head against a possibly related homing issue. The board very much did not like homing the axes in the wrong order, but I found that if I started with a $X to disable alarms it let me home in the order I needed.

Probably not the same issue but just in case…

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A connected pi would be pretty slick. Wifi or Ethernet are no-gos. But a serial connection would work. I am guessing I could do something like octoprint on it.

But that also is a lot of hardware. If I have some more time. I will try to get something I can use on an old laptop. Then I can connect over serial or write directly to the sdcard. I’ll change the startup to run something like default.gcode. I could also wire in a but

I’m not sure if my pen/laser board has a tx/rx free for the pendant either.

But I’d definitely like to check out those pendants.

I thought Bart generally exposed those. I’ll take a look at the pen/laser board design sometime this weekend.

I’m planning to bring both. But I need to get off my butt and finish them.

Current state (I’m thinking of printing a 2nd enclosure in red, then having a red pendant and a green pendant to bring to the event.)

Should have one available for Jeffe’s table and one for a LR.

Edit to add… for what it’s worth, that enclosure just begs for a remix to delete the cable clamp and replace it with a keystone jack opening- so that a standard Ethernet patch cable could be used for the pendant wiring.


I started to take a look at Bart’s pen/laser design, and thought to myself… it would be sooooo much easier if Jeffe had a jackpot on that table.

Then, I looked over at my stack of Jackpot test boards, and thought “Why not offer one of those?”

So, how about it? I am going to go run and grab some red PLA at Microcenter sometime this weekend. Want me to drop off a Jackpot to you? I have several that had issues which I troubleshot and fixed- and they’re known certain fixes (like bad headers that are known fixed.)

I have a jackpot. I also have a nice 3D printed case and all the wire management for the board I am using.

To avoid cluttering this thread, I’m going to describe my work to build up a pair of FluidDial pendants in the thread below: