Windows Computer Instead of RasPi

I love running my 3D printer with Octo-Print, I’ve seen some references to something similar using a RasPi for the LR. However, with the price of RasPi’s sky high, you can now get a low-end laptop for the same price that includes a display and keyboard.

Is anyone running their LR with a Windows computer?

No, but it should run on anything with Linux. Slap LinuxMint on a computer and install it on that.

I wouldn’t trust Windows to not shut something off in the middle of a print. Even with all the hibernate/sleep stuff turned off, I’ve had updates or something else reboot for no reason.

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There’s also this option. Still more expensive than what Pi’s used to be, but may be usable.

Linux small form factor computers are in the $100 range. Would still benefit from a display, but those are cheep as well.

And is only $35


It works, at least I got my machine moving using the laptop with octo. you need to install Python on the windows machine but other than that it works just like the pi. Wouldn’t surprise me if some of the plugins had some issues esp. the camera ones.

Pi’s are also starting to trickle into stock I’m guessing by summer they shouldn’t be as scarce.

Le potato doesn’t have wifi, so if you want wireless, you still need an adapter.

I have a few alternative SBCs and I want to try them with v1pi. I think the btt compute module is the best for the money and features. But the image that works on it is from btt, not a generic one. I need to look more closely at it.

Almost anything that can run windows can run some kind of linux. That said, I have heard foosel (the octoprint maintainer) say you can use windows with octoprint. It is just python, after all.

Cncjs also has a desktop version that works in windows. So does repetier host. I agree with David about windows sometimes just taking a break because they think they know better than you.

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I do, but I am using Estlcam as a CAM as well, so you’d need another control board.

It’s anecdotal, but the Le Potato I bought from Amazon lasted about a week and bricked. The Orange Pi Lite has worked for me but that is with Klipper.

Is v1pi compatible with Armbian?
Would like to try it out on a LR2 when I get a chance.

It is based on raspian. I would like to try it, but haven’t found the time.

Another option is a NanoPi neo which has a DietPi image available for it which features Octoprint. The only possible problem might be if you want to add a camera I don’t know if the NanoPi has the capacity for that…(it might have, I haven’t tried it). If a camera is needed then perhaps look at the Rock3A. A single board computer is going to have much less of a power requirement than a conventional PC or laptop as well.

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I will say my lattepanda has been running flawless. I was using it to run mach3 on a machine, but recently switched it over to Linux to run plex in our travel trailer.

They’re not cheap, though.

I had octoprint on my windows 10. It was fairly straight forward. It was very easy to run multiple instances. But… I over wrote it with ubuntu and now it has klipper for my 2 printers. Here is an all3dp on how to do it. now i do not remember needing the Tooks for visual studio, but i could be wrong.

Oh and i much prefer klipper to octoprint. Now right now it is only running my 2 printers. Others on here are using klipper for cnc

You can use klipper and octoprint. Klipper is like marlin. Octoprint is like mainsail.

Yes but really no need. I really enjoy and prefer mainsail. Iam kinda an infant to it, but it is amazing. i did a manual bed mesh the other day on a glass i know dips in the middle and got a perfect first layer. Without a probe!

I’ve been picking up 3-4 year old computers off of ebay for a while now.

There are people who get large lots from companies off lease or when the warranty expires.

The last two I got for my shop machines were micro form factors. I used to get larger form factors, but since I never upgrade anything beyond drives and RAM, the micros are awesome.

They are pretty much a laptop without the display and keyboard which I would rather connect externally anyway.

Lenovo M910 Tiny or Dell Optiplex 5050/7050 Micro are currently around $60-$100 and have lots of life left in them. Very small and power efficient. Even if advertised without OS I’ve never seen one that didn’t have a legal Windows license locked to the BIOS (you just might need to re-install it if sold without a drive or with the drive wiped). I do highly recommend Linux Mint though - easy to install and runs great.

If you find a seller with several using a “buy-it-now” auction, add it to your watch list. Typically within a day or two you’ll get an offer for 10% less. They are effectively commodities, so don’t get hung up on any particular item, but do pay attention to things like display output ports, built-in wifi and whether or not the power supply is included if you care about any of that.


That’s basically what I did: 100€ touchscreen, 70€ Mini-Fujitsu.

Mine is a pc just prior to tiny pcs. A dell we were going to recycle. works great!!