What router do you use for your LR3 / 2

Hi everyone,
With my LR3 getting to the point of needing a router to actually make it make things, i am looking at the option for a router to put in it.

I know it was designed for the Makita 700c or similar brands, that sorta hybrid trim router/ full size router sorta area. Hell people have even put a really big spindles.

So I was looking at a Makita, and I should have brought it when i brough everything else, not realizing it would take months and now I am looking at the bank account and the cost of the Makita.

Ok, first I will admit you are buying quality etc, and almost anything wont be as goo etc etc etc, i fully understand that, but what are you using on your LR3?

Here are some of the options i have found. (AU Prices here )
Makita ( other name brands like DeWalt) router is clearly the favourite. $339 just unit $400 - 460 for full kit
Vevor (copy of the Makita) $100 for unit $139 for full kit
( VEVOR 800W Max Torque Variable Speed 30,000RPM Compact Router with Collets 1/4" & 3/8" 1x Plunge Base 1x Tilt Base 1x Offset Base 220V | VEVOR AU)

Or a cheap spindle
1.5 kw air cooled + matching VFD $200
(VEVOR VEVOR Air Cooled Spindle Motor 220V 1.5KW CNC Spindle Motor Air Cooled Motor Spindle Engraving Milling Grind (1.5KW) | VEVOR AU )
(VEVOR VEVOR Variable Frequency Drive VFD 1.5KW 220V 2HP CNC Motor Inverter Converter | VEVOR AU )

Or slightly more expensive 2.2kw water cooled version $300
( VEVOR VEVOR Spindle Motor 2.2KW 80MM Water spindle motor 220V Cooled Spindle Motor ER11 Collect (2.2kw) | VEVOR AU )
(VEVOR VEVOR VFD Drive VFD Inverter 220V 2.2KW 3HP Frequency Drive Inverter Professional Variable Frequency Drive VFD for Spindle Motor Speed Control (2.2KW VFD) | VEVOR AU )

I have not used this VEVOR stuff, can anyone speak to quality?
(yes i know it wont be the same as the Makita)

So i guess the spindle+VFD does have the advantage of speed control via PWM, not sure if the SKR/ Marlin combination can do that, does anyone know?
Another question, would the 2.2kw spindle be the same power as the Makita router?

1 for the Makita
1 for the Dewalt
1 for the VEVOR spindle

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I run the Vevor 1.5kw spindle in both my LR3 and Primo and they have done great for me. Hard to say on longevity yet as ive only had both machines built for a few months.

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thanks for that. Can you speak to the power of the unit to cut?
Have you connected the PWM speed control to your control board?

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I use the dewalt 611.

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It has plenty of power. Its more power than the Makita or the Dewalt. I have used a 1 1/4" surfacing bit on it with no issues at all.

I have not set it up on the control board. I just use the VFD to set speed.

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How about models for the mounting, did you have to do that your self or are they available?

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The standard Makita mount will work as it is 65mm as well. I remixed my own.


This is what i use. you can see where we talked about it here in my build thread…


These are not available in Australia. They can be purchased with a bit of effort but are much more expensive than the Makita.

Someone can correct me technically, but I think the real difference between the Makita and the Clones is that the real one maintains the same power through its speed range, the clones drop in power with the drop in revs for reasons that are in some little black box.

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The makita is a good choice.

I really like using a durable commercial tryin router. They come with a warranty. They have decent prices because they are made at scale. They have a company with a brand they care about, so they won’t lie on the spec page.