"V1E GO" Maker Faire May 2024 - info page (see other thread for submissions posts only)

V1E "GO" Maker Faire 2024 1920x1080


This is a little something @vicious1 and I talked about. For all the month of May, post anything you make using a V1E designed machine (or made within the current year), in the “Maker Faire May 2024” thread, and tag it with v1e-maker-faire, and you could win one of two Jackpot boards being given as prizes. One of the Jackpots is being awarded by Design8Studio, and another one is being awarded by V1 Engineering!

I’m not sure what all we need in the way of rules, beyond this:

  • Photo(s) required. At least one pic. Video is great too, but not required.
  • Has to have been made with at least some portion being done using a V1E designed machine.
  • May include anything made from January 1, 2024 though May 31, 2024.
  • Post the thing(s) you made in the “Maker Faire May 2024” thread,
  • OPTIONAL: tag it with “v1e-maker-faire” (apparently easy on PC, not as easy if you’re on a phone)
  • Enter as many times as you like, provided each entry is something different than what was entered before.

@vicious1 will award his prize to a winner he chooses, and @DougJoseph will award his prize to a winner he chooses. I am guessing that any entries by @vicious1 and @DougJoseph won’t be eligible for winnings.

If you all have any questions, post them here. (I.E. don’t post them in the submissions post. Keep that for only submissions.)

Have fun!


You bet! You used V1E machine in making it. Definitely!

EDIT: machines, plural!


Used a couple of them LOL. Thanks Doug!


Can I just link to “Things You’ve Made”? :smiley:

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You should be able to locate something you’ve already shared in “Things You’ve Made” and copy from there and paste into the Maker Faire submissions thread! That’s basically what I did with the base cabinets.

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Just a reminder to everyone to post something you’ve made over at:

@Dreyfus don’t worry about tagging with “v1e-maker-faire” … Apparently it’s easy on PC, not as easy if you’re on a phone. I edited and said it’s optional.

Thank-you @DougJoseph and @vicious1 - what a great thing!

I wonder if I’ll have the new struts cut by then?? :rofl: :rofl:

You conduit! I mean… You can do it!

Cut your struts and enter them into the Maker Faire!

Call it “Strutting my Struts.”

Thanks, everyone, for the great entries! Keep them coming!

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Ditto today!

With two weeks to go till we depart for four or six months, a bit of Covid-induced anxiety has struck (curious thing) so I’ve removed them from my list, if all is clear in a week or so, I’ll revisit - but for now they might end up being cut by the LR4!

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Great job on the drum sander!


This is so funny because it’s so true. Most all of my “it’s only temporary stuff” usually gets used for years!

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I am actually just drawing plans for a better version, the wobbliness annoys me. :smiley:

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What a cool fun idea you guys. How did I miss this!!


Here’s some high praise from the amazing @jeffeb3 for @Tokoloshe’s drum sander:


Yeah. Sorry I posted in the wrong thread. I am definitely curious about the drum sander.


I have a 1.5 HP motor (TEFC) sitting here serving no purpose. Would it be powerful enough for a sander like this?