Universal T-Track instead of rails?

Hi, I’m currently planning out a LR3 build, but due to space constraints I’m going to be using the table as a general workstation for other stuff when the LR3 is not in use. The left side table rollers are great because I can just disconnect the end stops and have a flat usable surface, but the right side conduit rail protrudes above the table and will cut off access to that side unless I find a different solution.

I’m wondering if it’s viable to replace the rail conduit with inexpensive double-cut profile universal T-Track. I was considering putting this down on the edges of my table anyway for work holding and easy jig alignment, and it would be great if I could have rail slide inserts attached to the LR3 so that it would ride along the recessed track in the table.

My main concern is friction, though I assume at worst I could lubricate it? Or find an alternative like 3D printer wheels that ride along the tracks? If that’s a major concern, would it be better to go with more expensive linear rails, recessed in the same way?

As far as I know the purpose of the rail conduit is to provide rigidity to at least one side of the LR3? And, if the T-Track works, could I use rail slides on both sides of the table, giving the gantry extra rigidity? Or is it good enough to have one side freely rolling?

Side note, are there no source CAD files for the LR3? Or will I have to recreate it to do modifications in Fusion360?

I’m not sure about using T track but you should check out @DougJoseph 's unistrut side rail solution.

There can be instances with a LowRider where one side slides down the lead screw and the other side does not, for example if the core is at one side when you power down, and the LowRider needs to be able to pivot so to speak. For those instances, the round conduit allows the pivot. Aside from that, I’m not sure how the bearings that “grip” the Y-rail conduit would interface with a t-track.

As far as I know, there are no source CAD files for the LR3. I recreated mine in SketchUp for doing modifications, and prior to that, for designing my table / base.