Tramming the primo

Started using a dial indicator to try tuning the mpcnc.

I noticed that the gantry is quite out of perpendicularly. Is there documentation anywhere on tramming the gantry?

Btw I did see the shim solution, just wondering if anybody found any other solution

Just to be sure, you have surfaced your spoil board?

To try eliminating the board, I ran the gantry in a circle so the dial indicator would be in the same point (center of circle) on the board. Even if the spoil board wasn’t level, there should bed no deviation but there is significant

Interesting technique, but it does not address what I’m worried about…leg length. That is if your legs are not equal in length for some reason, it will read as a tramming issue. And it may not even be the length you measure between the foot bottom and the tubing. For example, if corner(s) of your rig are curled up a bit, you will get the same out-of-tram readings. It is kind of a chicken and egg problem. Until you surface your spoil board, you don’t know if the tilt is due to a tilt of the whole rig or a tilt of just the router. But you’d like to figure out if the rig is tilted before you surface your spoil board and correct the problem. I suggest attaching your dial indicator to your mount and sampling your spoil board to see if the readings indicate a leg length issue. Not a perfect solution since a spoil board can be uneven, but data worth collecting. I created the following to attempt to address this problem for my rig:

I’ll try. My spoil board is an aluminum plate that’s machined to be straight, so I shouldn’t need to worry about that being uneven. Thanks

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