Time to see how bad I can mess this up

so that picture of the machine on my concrete hearth has me wondering. If I had a mandrel that would support the disk (and I do) could I get my LR3 to flatten/polish concrete countertops??? I’m thinking yes. Feeds would be microscopic, and speeds would be slow. I’d need water supplied but really, a hose from drip irrigation would be sufficient for that job.

The fireplace project is all but wrapped up, and the kitchen is coming very soon. I need my LR3 to cut my cabinets while I install them. Then it can flatten my cedar slabs for the island countertop and exposed shelves. And while I’m messing with the cedar, it can then be getting my concrete countertops ready for install on the other sections. I like this thought process. Now I just need to get the thing working. OHHHHH One piece doors with no glue ups or floating insets.


Anyone know if an old android phone can be used for a touch screen? I have this old Galaxy 7 or 8 sitting here. I was thinking about doing an Octo4a build with it a while back, but the sonic pad makes that almost silly.

The BTT boards can have wifi with the ESP01S modules. It works quite nicely, so connect your phone to the ESP wifi, set the browser start page to, and Bob’s yer uncle.

Same works with a Jackpot, or in my case a Duet Wifi. (I have the Duet on the home network though for uploading files from my CAM machines.

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Absolutely. Each of my machines can be controlled locally, but from my main desktop would be preferable. My workhorse printer is on the wifi. The lr3 will be. Then i just need to get the other printers onto the wifi and I’ll be good to go. Lay in bed getting fat while my robots take over the world.

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I connect the ESP01S module to my home wifi, too. Since it’s a separate processor, it doesn’t burden the SKR at all. The ESP8266 on-board runs the web interface.

The result is seamless, you connect to the web UI, and it talks to the printer.

The Jackpot has displayed issues when connected to a larger network, but I haven’t experienced it directly. I just got my Jackpot board and haven’t installed it.yet.

So I cracked my Core while moving some concrete stuffs around my shop. Which resulted in my being less than happy and needing a break.

Did the mercury1.1 swap on my printer that now prints over 30 cubes a second easily. I guess now I should print off a new core. Here is a video to my printer build. I think I’ll be printing the core is ASA like @Jonathjon because Florida heat and such.

The fire place project is done, the painting of the stairs and walls and such that needed to be done before the kitchen is finished as well. That means I can clear concrete, tile, and stone tools out of my way and actually figure out the table for my LR3.


What kind of bed is that? It reminds of MDF with black paint overspray, but I’m sure that’s not it, lol.

printer bed? PEI. But I dont think I fully understand the question.

Ok, you got it, PEI was what I was looking for but articulating badly.