TFT35 funky boot up

I am messing around with the tft35 and the list of things it is doing at startup is worrisome. Any idea if it can be stopped.

I am pretty sure I have all the boot gcode disabled in the config file. If you use the standard theme you can see a list if things it runs ending with a “Z2.0”, unified theme you can here it and only see the “echo Z2.00”

I really do not want this screen moving the Z axis on boot. Any ideas?

Which one is it? Where is the source?

The tft35 vs e3.

Have you been compiling and flashing it OK?

This is interesting:

It looks like that setting is repeated in the config.ini. Maybe you’ve set it to 2?

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It also looks like the end gcode includes a M18, so watch out for that.

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No clue what you guys are doing but if “Bigtreetech”, “MPCNC” and “TFT35” are clues… would this be helpful?


I used the firmware from this thread MPCNC BTT TouchScreenFirmware for TFT35 2.0. I have a couple of errors with unrecognized M or G code but i think it’s due to board firmware settings.


I have not been compiling it I just used the bin, config.ini, and tft folders. Unified version as the regular seems to be missing images for some reason.

Power loss is all set to 0.

if you try the parameter menu is seems to do the same thing, so maybe that is reading in the firmware settings? I have not flashed new firmware yet, maybe I should start there.I will look into your links David and Mark, thanks!

Dang, Mark, you saved me a ton of time messing with the menus! I had seen that thread but without digging around I didn’t realize how much work was done! NICE!

I haven’t used it much yet, but it is working well. The menus are nice and easy to get around. I’m still getting used to the whole process before i dig in and fix the errors i get. I’m running from the sd card mostly and using the tft a lot with no performance issues. Now if i can just get repeter to relably connect i’ll be set

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I Ryan,
If you recompile it you can have the cnc version…

Hi Mark,
I’m interested in the issues you found, let me know.

I’ll check later. It’s my wifes birthday so i’m trying to stay out of the shop.

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:birthday: Happy Birthday, wife! :birthday:

Get off the forums, and do keep those kids occupied! (I’m projecting a little here).

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Thanks, we just got back from our camp where the kids were in the water for three hours.

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When i power on I get no printer attached. Then that goes away on its own and unknown command “m420 s1” ok. There waa one other error, but it hasn’t came back up. It might berelated to something i did.

I don’t know, if someone managed to stop this behaviour, I haven’t.
Therefore I created an issue on github github / bigtreetech/BIGTREETECH-TouchScreenFirmware/issues/807

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Well I am making progress, with all the right settings that nasty boot is gone. I am sure it was some sort of SPI errors.

Now, with everything set I am getting M221 errors. Pretty sure this is from me settings extruders = 0 in the firmware.

Is there a way to disable this check or do I have to edit the gui to remove that button?

I’m pretty sure this was one of the errors I got rid of…
try commenting out -

file StatusScreen.c line 297

 //    storeCmd("M221\n");

Of course, this will affect the M221 function so if you still want it these tweaks will not be for you! flow percentage is not needed for laser work!