TFT35 firmware for cnc?

You don‘t need to change the Marlin firmware on your SKR Pro. You just need to upload my firmware to your TFT screen. The version you mentioned is outdated, better use this one:

But: My touch plate is 6.5mm thick, that‘s hardcoded in the software and you will need to change this

Thanks, I will do that later today.
Can I plug into board with prontoface and adjust in marlin that way?

Honestly, I don’t know Pronterface well enough to answer your question. But here is a very good overview of the software workflow, this might help you to get things started.

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From looking at Github, the screens seam to have 3d printer icons, not cnc?
Or will they be in cnc style when i install?
How do these get changed to cnc style, or is there another firmware i can use that also works, with cnc icons? why not use previous cnc FW?
your help is greatly appreciated, i dont like making mistakes or breaking things :thinking:

Disregard my comment about cnc icons, i can see when it is programming tft that they are different.
… my problem now is that it says Icons:updates required.
so FYI, backtracking for you-

you can see from photos the the GD chip, so i used that firmware, config.ini file and tft35 icons,
for the unified menu material theme.
the third photo was after 2nd update, hence the .cur extension.
and the last photo should be error i am getting.
i hav reset the file extension, and still had same error.
All help appreciated, i want to get it running so i can finish and set up.
have i not copied enough files, or wrong files?
…Oh the pain…frustration.

You need to copy these icons …

Ok , thanks, I will check tonight

Sorry, which two files? The bmp and fonts under tft35?

For some reason i cant download, do i need to open and copy all the individual .bmp?
And same for fonts, or is there an easier way?

When i did download, it had chrome files or bmp.htm at last attempt.
sorry for being annoying, bit it is not liking me for some reason.
unless someone has another lot of cnc files, etc. to config the tft with.
What happens if i do normal normal tft35.bin, not GD version?

Thanks again, Anthony0281
…i am using a 32GB card, is that a problem?

There are 5 menu themes for the tft, but only the

THEME_Hybrid Red Menu Material theme

will work.

You need to copy the whole TFT35 folder, including ‘TFT35’ and its subfolders ‘bmp’ and ’ font’ to the root of your SD card. Like you did in your picture above.

This TFT35 directory is located here:

You need to download the whole repo from its top page in Github and unzip the downloaded ZIP file. If you are not familiar with Github, I attach the relevant files for you in a ZIP file. (2.3 MB)

You will find a very good explanation how to copy what here.

I’m not gonna maintain my software in the future. Though it is up to date right now, I’d recommend using the V1 firmware from here. The right file to download is ‘’.

You need to use the GD version as you’ve got the GD chip on your TFT. Any other firmware won’t work.

Some users reported issues with large SD cards. You should be fine as the update process seems to work in principle. You can see this from the file / directory extensions, they change to ‘CUR’ after a successful update.

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Hi Christian,
thanks for your feedback, i have downloaded your zip file and it installed on tft. Looks good,
I now have to play around and learn what i am doing.
do i use in touchscreen, or marlin mode, as originally outlined on V1 documentation?

what is the difference between your fw and the V1 fw, if any?
I was expecting to see as cnc based, not 3d printer based, or have i done something wrong, again?

Thanks again.

ok, i sort of see, the only thing though is it says print, buti can live with that(tft mode)!!

Thanks again.
I understand why you would not continually maintain your software, you have done a great service but I know it is time consuming, so THANK YOU for your work.

Cheers, go make something!

Yeah, I could have easily changed ‘Print’ into ‘Cut’ but that would have made maintenance even more difficult. I deciced to live with ‘Print’ and some other 3D printer specific terms. But I simplified the menu structure, took some obsolote commands out, and added the ‘Zero’ menu, including Probing. That’s probably it. I changed to GRBL recently, that’s why I don’t maintain the tft software anymore.

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Have you found any good LCD’s for that? I have only ever seen super basic ones.

Not really, but I haven‘t searched for any. I need the haptics of real buttons, knobs, wheels etc and want to keep my eyes on the workpiece. So I’m currently building a pendant that has a small LCD to show x/y/z only plus some status information. Unfortunately the weather is getting better here, early summer now, so not much time for the LR3 at the moment.

I haven’t used my Primo in a couple years, and I just updated the display to BIGTREE_TFT35_v3.0_E3.27.x.bin from the None of the CNC functions are there anymore, and it looks like just a 3D Printer display now. Did I grab the wrong firmware?

Nevermind. I am a dummy. I forgot how to get into Marlin mode…

Hey guys, so I have used the cnc-tft firmware. Located here.

But I get the 3D printing menus as pictured?

Am I doing something wrong?

No, changing the firmware’s icons is too much work and would need to be done after every update.

So this is something Bigtreetech would have to push through?
Maybe we should push Bigtreetech for this?

Just ignore the top 4.

That is a tall order but if you know what you are doing get a switch for extruders=0 and ditch the top 4 buttons.