TFT - screen upside down after flash

I flashed my TFT using an 8gb microSD card w/ adapter (show below in image). I used the files here on the V1 EngineeringInc github (can’t link because new user).

This is the result on the card showing successful flash, with the screen since apparently I can only upload one image:

What happened? How do I fix this?

update: managed to rotate the UI, but now it’s mirrored:

Also, this says “click the red dot” but it’s blue…

It was mirrored and colour was messed up before the rotate, too. Does the V1 logo come up blue when you power on?

I’ve seen other people with this issue as well. I think I remember that it’s something to do with a new batch of LCDs, but since I don’t have the issue, details are hazy.

SKR Pro 1.2, TFT35, I think I messed up

Yeah, there’s a thread on it I linked.

Yep, logo was blue as well.

I just flashed with the firmware Ryan posted in that thread. Everything’s golden now. Thanks for the link!

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I hope you mean Red :wink:

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clicks the like button in anger

Clever pun.

Made my first cut in MDF today. Everything looks really good, despite breaking a tool on the first go (feed rate too fast for the tool size)

Thanks again for the assist!


Looks like are off to a good start glad things are coming together :heart: