SKR Pro 1.2, TFT35, I think I messed up

Good evening everyone, I finally finished printing all the parts, building a table and am almost ready to start wiring steppers and such. Hit an unrelated snag tonight that prevented me from doing loud things in the garage, so I decided I would get the boards out and start getting those set up. I was under the impression that the SKRs came from V1 I flashed, so I read the guide on that was referenced during build up, made an SD card, flashed the board, and then proceeded to flash the TFT with the files, also referenced in the write up. However, the screen is completely inverted, colors are backwards (V1 logo shows blue) and the screen is mirrored. Wondering if anyone has any guidance on this, or if I’ve destroyed the screen and or board. Thanks I’m advance.

I thought that there was a “mirror display” option under “settings”, but I can’t find it.

The good news is that re-flashing the display just requires an SD card.

I don’t know what is going on with that screen. Maybe @vicious1 can help. But flashing a new program is almost always reversible. Don’t sweat it. Still not sure how to fix it though.

alright, so after a good nights sleep, and finding Ryan’s post about some newer boards doing exactly what I’ve got going on, I got up and went to BTT’s github, grabbed their firmware, and flashed away. Everything is back to normal, colors are good, orientation is correct, no mirroring, perfect. However, it’s not the build that was published with MPCNC in mind. I did notice while digging through the folders grabbing everything I needed to build the SD that the latest and greatest is “BIGTREE_TFT35_V3.0_E3.27.x.bin”, while the version that is for us is version 26. Wondering if that has anything to do with anything? I’m not sure. Standing by for further guidance.

Yeah, we need to update our cnc version for latest version.

The hardware may have changed. That would mean we can’t fix it without an update. Otherwise, the eeprom may have stored something from the new version that has this affect on the older firmware. If so, we could try resetting it.

For you, for at least the next few weeks, I would use it in marlin mode until we dig into this.

Sorry, this is the files I am using. I changed the config but it does not have all the pretty buttons on the TFT side…but you should not really be using the TFT side at the moment any way. Marlin mode is completely stable. (1.6 MB)

If the board came from me, it should have been flashed though.