Swap X and Y axis

I built my Lowrider 3 with a SKR board originally but recently switched to the Jackpot board. When I had the SKR board I had some @DougJoseph X Y swap and loved it, the orientation was great for my setup. Has anyone figured out how to swap the X and Y axis with the Jackpot board?

Edit: when I had the SKR board I used Doug Joseph’s swap

I am headed for exactly the same approach.

I’m currently on an SKR board, with Marlin, with the LowRider’s X and Y swapped.

I also have a Jackpot board, with FluidNC, and will be doing the X-Y swap whenever I go to install it.

It should be easily doable.

For purposes of remembering what is involved, here’s a link to where I made notes on doing it on Marlin:

The software / firmware changes were all regarding endstops and homing directions.

Those kinds of changes in FluidNC should be easy. I have not yet done it so I cannot comment specifically on the “how” just yet.

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It should be easier on the jackpot.


Maybe I’m just a dunder-head, because I can’t figure ANYTHING out with this board

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All of the changes should be in the config.yaml file you uploaded.

Assigning motors to axis and homing directions etc are all near the top of the config.

Without putting too much thought into it, I would probably just swap x and y there and see what happens lol.

Then check homing directions, etc and see how it goes


@Michael_Melancon was right, changing “X” and “Y” did the trick. It works exactly like I wanted. Super easy.



In preparation for installing the Jackpot board in place of SKR board, and still maintain my swapped X & Y axes, I needed to refresh my mind on what changes had already been made in my wiring. I made a new SKR wiring graphic (posted over here) to better document those original changes.

I then also made the following to recreate that documentation, but this time, for the Jackpot control board:

If anyone spots any errors I made in this graphic, please let me know. Hope it helps if someone else is trying the same thing.


I’m now trying to do the same thing. Did you simply move all the “motor” stuff from X to Y and vice versa? Motor stuff is the block shown below.

      limit_neg_pin: gpio.25:high
      limit_pos_pin: NO_PIN
      limit_all_pin: NO_PIN
      hard_limits: false
      pulloff_mm: 4.000
        uart_num: 1
        addr: 0
        cs_pin: NO_PIN
        r_sense_ohms: 0.110
        run_amps: 0.680
        hold_amps: 0.500
        microsteps: 8
        stallguard: 0
        stallguard_debug: false
        toff_disable: 0
        toff_stealthchop: 5
        toff_coolstep: 3
        run_mode: StealthChop
        homing_mode: StealthChop
        use_enable: false
        direction_pin: I2SO.1
        step_pin: I2SO.2
        disable_pin: I2SO.0

Nothing that complex. I deleted “X” and replaced it with “Y”

I can get a screenshot of it when I get home tomorrow, but it was just changing the title of the motor

I have now edited my config.yaml file. However, now I need to get that to the Jackpot, and I made the mistake of telling the Jackpot to connect to my main wifi in my house, and now I cannot get back into the web based interface.

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The way you did is probably the right way, because we not only need the motor info, but also the homing method.

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I’d say you probably changed the main title of the axis, and not just the “comment” above the motor section. That’s what I did just now (change both the axis name, and the comment).

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I am linking to over where I posted my config.yaml code with swapped X and Y, as it was requested.