Steppers making noise

Ok i have the Skr_pro and tft flashed and all hooked up, i feel like Dr.Frankenstein bringing my monster to life “Its alive It’s ALIVE!!!” I yelled at the top of my lungs. Only to find out it’s only kind of alive and making a weird whining noise and when i try to move the axis in any direction they move on their own(in the same direction) back in forth by a few mm.
What did i do wrong? Should the micro sd card be left in the board and aslo have an sd card in the tft? Are both sets of gray wires supposed to be plugged in? I feel like im so close to making something.

Did you check the grub screws?
The steppers always make a bit of noise.

Please post a pic of the wiring connected to your board. Don’t worry about tidiness in your lair. Pics help catch what others don’t see. Maybe even a little video would help.

Did you buy the kit from V1 or source yourself? If self sourced which firmware are you using


All parts for this build were purchased from V1 not sure what happened now but no noise or movement.

good to here it works right for you. in order to use the screen in marlin mode you will need to have both grey cables plug in

Its not working, and which mode should i be working in?

touch is fine. but if you ever need marlin mode its best to have both in and ready to go. is it saying printer not connected across the top?


Go to menu then settings then connection then baud rate. It should be on 250000.

and sorry i stop reading at no noise

Ok that worked to get everything moving but the stepper motors are moving back and forth

is one going one way and the other the other way?

No, they are moving in the same direction just 1 or 2 mm one way and then back, i thought it might be a tension issue with the belts but the Z is doing the same thing

Which firmware did you use on the pro or is it just like it came from here


ok i just moved to the 508 from 504 and i have the noise but my motors only move the direction i say not back. @jeffeb3 do you have any ideas. i had no noise before

This is whats going on

I don’t remember any changes to our skr config. But 504 was based on an older version of Marlin. So there may be changes in the Marlin core code. But I don’t keep close track of that.

That is some very large movements to be moving back and forth. To get it to do that, you only pressed X+10 twice? Do smaller movements do anything different?

I had it set to move 10mm but only in one direction

I’m hoping someone has had this issue so they can help me out of it.

Can you try moving it with another gcode sender? Can you connect a computer and use repetier host, for example?