Revnull Primo Build... maybe :)

This is the project that brought me to this site in the first place. The Primo was awesome and combined my 2 favorite things, 3D printing and making things that make things. :smile: Allas, once I got here I was immediately smitten with the Lowrider3 and its promise of full sheet cuts. Shortsidedly, I jumped in with both feet and built the LR3, but didn’t have enough room in the garage for a full sheet table. Sadly, the LR3 has been collecting dust, but I still want to make things that make things… so here I am. Wish me luck, again.


I started digging back into this project after my “need” for a single rail vertical motion system. There are a few other designs out there, but @vicious1’s work is top notch so why learn something new? :joy:

After a quick and dirty remix, I’m ready for mounting. Fingers crossed, the belt tension is enough to keep things straight.



Well, this is going to be interesting!


Maybe I’ll get Klipper working on this one. :rofl:

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