Required software and procedure to update firmware

I’ve been through the “how-to” on the site, and needed to post here because I am lost.

I bought my Rambo 1.4 from V1 ~4-5 years ago, pre-loaded with the firmware for the original MPCNC.

About 2 years ago, I changed my setup to the Lowrider 2, keeping the same firmware on the Rambo that was used with the MPCNC.

I have now built the LR3, with endstops, and want to update the firmware on my Rambo board so I can use the end stops and repetier.

I have zero clue how to use arduino, but from what I understand, this is the software required to update firmware.

I have downloaded the Rambo DualLR firmware from the site, but don’t have the slightest idea how to delete the old firmware and upload the new to the Rambo.

Lastly, I’ve always used the little LCD to control the CNC, never tried repetier until this last weekend. I got the CNC to “connect” to the repetier host, but then when I tried to move the X, Y, and Z, nothing happened?

Bottom line, is there a video out there that shows how to flash via arduino and use repetier?

I truly appreciate the V1 community, and all of your support. I have tried to do this solo, but I have some minor head injuries that prevent me from comprehending long text or detailed instructions. One too many hits over the years :-(.


I would help if I could, but my experience is all with BigTreeTech boards and using Visual Studio Code to edit firmware for them. However, others here have much deeper history and will be knowledgeable about your situation.

Arduino has been left behind by Marlin. The newer version of arduino might work, but we don’t have good instructions for it.

We have also changed how we compile the code.

If you downloaded the V1CNC_Rambo_DualLR from MarlinBuilder releases, you should find a firmware.hex file inside the top zip.

You can flash (flashing is overwriting the program) the rambo with XLoader, and you don’t even have to open arduino or platformio (vscode).

The rambo needs 12V. Even when flashing. If you are using Windows 7, you will need drivers. 8+ should have them already.

The repetier host problem is probably that you aren’t actually connected.


Good to know, I’ll try xloader. I think I saw a “how to” on that. I do have the Rambo connected to the 12v power source, my problem is usually with software (ie repetier).

Thank you Jeffeb3

Follow the link the forum makes whenever we type xloader for the how to. It should be easy. If it isn’t, post here and @robertbu will probably know what to do.

Make sure you download XLoader from the “Pre-configured here” link. The version at the “source here” link does not have the devices.txt populated.

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