Post Processor for Vectric V-Carve/Aspire Software and max speeds and accelerations?

Hey all, its been some time since the initial posts re post processors for Vectric V-Carve (10.5 in my case). I’ve had my mpcnc running with the marlin_aspire.pp to date with no apparent issues but now I have some more confidence in my machine, I wish to speed up travel moves etc. In researching how to do this, I believe I may not be using the correct PP after all.

Forum posts suggest running “Marlin_mm test5.pp”, but I’m not convinced its the most up to date solution. Can people in the know suggest which one I should be using and how to correctly set the max travel speeds and accelerations accordingly.



Did you find the solution to this? If so will you please share.

I am curious too.

Found this hope it helps.

Does anyone know if this will work on VCrve Destop?