Perth - Australia - Build Log

Thanks @Anthony0281 this is Doug’s pen mount that I used:

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Not many benefits for sourcing stuff in Australia. But I guess 6mm MDF at our only big box store, Bunnings, is one.



Old version, not kinematic, usable but susceptible to whether a printer is over or under extruding:

New version, is kinematic, tremendous, uses magnets:

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I have a simpler pen holder, though I did just put Doug’s kinematic mount up on my LR3.

This one is a little easier if it’s just for a test crown, or doesn’t need a large variety of different attachments.



Lots more progress has been made. I finally got in the correct linear rails, and installed them along with my nice lowrider cut and sprayed black 6mm mdf strut plates.

I then had some issue with my Z axis grinding… Checked everything from this excellent Faq thread, Z Axis Troubleshooting
and thought I had checked everything. However I was using the silicone spray, which it turns out is not good. The PTFR grease seemed to do the trick, as soon as that was applied to my Z axis it was smooth sailing all the way.

I had the PTFE lube on hand from my previous Mostly 3d Printed fun with Tarmo4 and Tarmo5 RC cars.

Great community around these cars here: Tarmo5


What do you know! Another tarmo 5 builder! How do you like the car? I think it’s quite impressive, great fun to drive. Fast and with good stearing abilities.

Two thoughts: I wish the bolts attaching the wheels to the arms and the body was done otherwise. I also find the tpu damper axises snap easily, even with properly drying the tpu and printed at 45 degrees.

I’ve printed new gears in a herringbone fashion, they are much for silent and makes driving smoother.

Edit: I’m pronting the Bamboo(Landcruiser) pickup atm! It’s suuuuuper detailed, many hundreds of pieces. Not as beefy as the tarmo, a slower and crawling oriented design.

Haha, I know that. It’s really something… :sweat_smile:

I’d love the Tarmo remix, the Sleipnir. Seems to fix a lot of the drawbacks: Printables

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Nice one! But I think a heavily modified tarmo5 is quite low on the list… Right now I’m churning away kilos upon kilos of double 3dets prints. The MK4 is sure doing a grunts job. Input shaper and “structural” setting is great.

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Looks who’s got time… :smiley:

Those 3dSets models look awesome! I have been toying with printing one of those for a while now. I like the pickup you have chosen, those are common in here Australia. I’d love to see your progress on these 3dsets models somewhere.

The tarmo5 is great. I haven’t driven it as much as the 4, but I like the way it handles and seems to break a bit less than my 4 did.

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That looks like a great mashup of the best bits of the Tarmo4 and the Tarmo5.



Man, that is super tempting, just what I absolutely did not need just before payday… I actually really like the Bugster model, even if it isn’t 4WD. And all on a 200mm cube printer. I am not really sure about 3D printed gearsets and drive axles though. I’ve broken enough injection molded axles before, to the point where I like metal axles much better.

Well it’s all moot if I don’t locate my radio stuff, not buying all that again…

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I usually use my instagram account (askevold_net) to show work in progress. But I’ll gladly share a few build reports here along the way.

Yeah - I’m wondering about the same. The Bamboo version is a slow crawler, so I’ll think it’ll hold up. It remains to be seen - I’ll keep you posted. The belted gearbox seems super fancy. It’s definitely a great design! The details are intricate, there are appr 250 parts (40 print plates)

The tarmo5 is reasonable sturdy and quick, but with a crude design. The 3dsets are really top notch aesthetically - but not so much for rough driving. I’m looking forward to a comparison.


Gidday Andrew, I’m looking forward to watching your build too!

Is super 66 like super 6 only 11 times as good? :thinking:

Or 11 times as much of it! We do have a lot of the stuff. :rofl:

Fun fact - the new stuff only has 5 ribs per sheet not 6 - cost saving? I didn’t even know they still made it! :open_mouth:

Hey Andrew, happy to show you what I have built. I’ve sent you a text so you can remove your mobile number from here now if you want.

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Added a magnetic connector for my touch plate rather than the alligator clip. This is a play on the idea by @DougJoseph. The only difference is 10mm magnets as I had them on hand and I made a long stalk at 90% to the magnet which makes it easy to place when Z is low. I like to set my zero point to wherever I get my piece firmly secured, so I like to have my Z pretty low so I can line everything up.

If anyone is interested let me know and I will put something up to Printables. If I do, I can guarantee it will be nowhere near as slick as the designs and descriptions Doug does.