Parametric Strut?

I swear a couple weeks ago I stumbled across someone who mentioned creating a parametric strut model or way to interlock individually cut strut pieces, but forum search isn’t proving helpful

My LR3 x gantry is 26" wide and I have 50" of useable Y, though and I haven’t attempted to design anything on my own yet.

my initial tests with a pen have come out perfect and I’m trying to figure out how i’m going to make a strut to fit my gantry.

any recommendations/ideas?

You just need to edit the one file I have up with your exact X dimension. Linked in the instructions, pretty easy.

This is for a printable strut plate, could work but doing it the right way should prove to be a more rigid machine. You are building a CNC might as well use it. The only way I would use a printed strut plate is for a non-router build.

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It was a post of @jamiek, you can find it here:


perfect. i too was looking after seeing the post