Order parts

I’m considering a LowRider and wonder which parts to order or if someone got some recommendations? Must be for a complete build. I have a Makita 700series and 25mm pipe

Hey Knut, maybe one of those topics can help, they both had the same question:

Thanks Philipp!

Did I get everything needed for a 1220x2440mm build?

1 ESP-01s - ESP3D / ESPUI Headless $9.99
1 Tiny Touch Plate Kit $8.49
1 Emergency Stop Button $5.89
6 Limit Switch, Endstop $9.54
6 EndStop Plug $6.00
1 SD Card 32GB $6.99
1 LowRider v3 Hardware kit $294.00
8 GT2 10mm Belt
1 Control board and LCD box SKR Pro and TFT E3V3 $20.00
1 Makita 1/8" collet $21.50
1 GT2 10mm Belt $2.49
1 SKR Pro1.2, 5x 2209 drivers, TFT35 E3 V3 -flashed- $135.99
1 LowRider CNC V3 YZ plates $79.99
1 LowRider v3 Printed Parts with Steel XZ Plates $190.00
1 Carbide Single Flute Long $4.49

Is it possible to order this from an European shop?

The belt should be part of the hardware kit, so you don’t need to order it separately. The rest looks allright to me, but no guarantee! :smiley:

There is no European store regrettably, Ryan is a 1-man-operation based in the US.

Actually there is, but no LR3, you could check if they are going to add it soon and save some import taxes.


Druckerservice sells parts on ebay for the LR3: ¡NEW: LR3 - MPCNC LowRider V3 - CNC Fräse - 3D Druckteile - 25mm Version | eBay

Licensed partners can always be find on the license page:

The ebay guy is Druckerservice Allgäu, I nearly reported him but then noticed that in his ebay description. :smiley:

Yeah. I did a double take as well. The license page has the ebay listing linked too.