New ZenXY V2 Indiana

I am starting my V2 build. Printing all the parts and ordered the hardware. I will be using an old SKR 1.4 (non-turbo). I am going to start building the table while I wait for my parts to come in. My plan is to have a small table so I can take it to MRRF. Will Estlcam work with my SKR 1.4? The fluidcnc board is out of stock.


That will draw a crowd, just like @jeffeb3 's ZenXY did at RMRRF this year and last.

I don’t think anyone uses Estlcam as a motion controller for a Zen- but one of the other builders will surely advise if so.

We really should update the ZenXY pages.
When I build my ZenXY, I plan to use a Jackpot to control it.


While scouring the forum I came across @jeffeb3 table he took to RMRRF 2023 Table Top ZenXY. I think I will go with that design. I have found an extra Jackpot controller I forgot about that I will be using.


Let me know if something is missing. I made the table around the ikea glass available and it is a good size for a table top. I’m not sure I did a good job making the designs available for follow up.

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Since there is no config file the ZenXY Table for the Jackpot board for fluidNC, would I just use notebook ++ to make a config?

Yeah. You can probably start with the regular jackpot, remove the double and Z motors and then add the corexy line.

My table leg mounts are printing

Motion system is printed

Waiting on the parts I have ordered


Awesome great to see a new build!!

There is a program that some Bill guy and jeff made called that makes the patterns. It’s really great and easy to use.
You can import files into it if you had some neat patterns etc.

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Lol what? I think you had a couple of typos.


Oh wow did I ever.
My grammar and spelling is very bad. It’s a big fault of mine.

Thank you. Much easier to see it was a compliment now. :slight_smile:


Todays update
Everything is just placed nothing mounted


That is looking pretty good.

How did you cut the wood parts? Is that a jigsaw? I could have designed it easier to be cut on traditional power tools.

Yes i cut it with a jigsaw. My LR3 is not finished yet. The design is fine.


Awesome. I can’t wait to see it.

Got my config file going. Now time to finish up the table. Once i know my config is good i will post it since their is no config files for the jackpot board with the zenXY table.


My tools I used to make the table. My LR3 would have been nice if it was finished, but working with my hands is always enjoyable.


Getting the bottom and middle glued together.


@jeffeb3 how did you attach the bottom glass?

I have some brackets called “figure 8”. They are used to attach table tops. I have one screw into the bottom and then the rest just hangs out.

Before I added the baking soda I added some clear packing tape on every edge so it wouldn’t escape. That keeps it from sliding around.

The magnet does catch the ones I have. I have them just barely engaged so they stay as far from the magnet as possible. Maybe some aluminum or brass ones would work better.

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