New MK4 is out!

Schedules and delays aside- did anyone try organic tree support? It’s AMAZING. Separated layer is super nice, easy to remove and less waste. Can highly recommend it, no matter what printer you have.


Yes it is! 99% of my models are designed for printing without support, but organic supports are a game changer.

This is my “make” of a tool for unclogging sealant tubes (not my design) and it’s clearly not in any way designed to print. I don’t think I would have even bothered to try it without organic supports, but they just fell off without leaving even a mark. As you say - AMAZING.


Here’s video of my first attempt with organic supports.

3D printing a Dragon

Here’s the finished object:



Well… I’ve pressed the button on the Mk$ kit, and with just a little bit of luck six weeks from now (16 October) I’ll have another project on my hands.

With even more luck, I won’t have to pay the credit card bill till 12 days after that, and then the customs and taxes the month after that again.

What do you know! The Prusa Connect tool is niice. Too bad the xbuddy-board doesn’t support webcam directly over usb. I guess I should setup a pi with a cam then.
The notifications seem decent. I guess I’ll try the telegram option, the least cluttered app. Hm - or maybe I’ll just install the web app and enable notifications. Easy peasy.
Edit: did the printer just auto install new firmware 5.0.0RC??

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It tells you that there is a new update when you start it, I am not sure you can install it directly, but you might.


It DID auto update. Printer says 5.0.0RC. I’m sure the RC released today. (?) I don’t like auto updating firmware!! If someone had evil intentions, that could literally be a firestarter…

The prusa connect web app is slow and not giving me any notifications. I guess the notifications might be related to my settings, but the interface itself was laggy. Well well, it’s still just a beta.

And now:

Nah, the RC has been out for two weeks. Didn’t you complain about slow upload speed already? :smiley:

Ahh, I guess that prusa connect showed an old log, and gave it the time stamp from the moment connect was initialized.

I have to say I am not impressed with Prusa ATM, my upgrade kit ordered back in MAY is still not shipping.
I just checked the website and it says they are starting to ship the upgrades 11th Sept. I contacted support to get a time line of when you ordered it to what week now they will be shipping and got “we have started to ship” and that’s it.
SIGH> lucky I have my brothers Bambu carbon.

That’s just sad. :frowning: I hope that playing with your brother’s Bambu doesn’t raise your expectations too high!

I’ve got about a month to go on the new order, so I hope you beat me to the punch. All the best in the meantime.

Honestly that carbon is hella good. the 4 spool autofeed works well and its amazing quality.

Yeah, honestly the MK3.9 has a lot to live up to…

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New Firmware release: Release 5.0.0 Firmware for Original Prusa MK4 & MK3.9 · prusa3d/Prusa-Firmware-Buddy · GitHub

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Well there’s a download I don’t have to bother with! Input shaping is there as a customer release?

I guess they’ll also install it on new printers. :slightly_smiling_face:

The new Alpha firmware brings input shaping and Prusa Connect to the Mini… and I sold mine… Argh. :scream:

I don’t need two printers, but it would have been interesting to see. :smile:

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I’ve been fortunate enough to have enough Prusameters for a Mini, but that “I don’t need two printers” thing kicked in, I did the maths and have had eleven spools of Prusament thus far @ about the same price delivered as the cheapest I can buy locally, which is close to the value of a Mini, and I’ve got 19 or 20 in credit - amazing.

In a way, it’s paid for the new printer!! :open_mouth:


I know, I know, “currently shipping” does not mean it’s arriving any time soon, but I expect that it will leave the factory this week which isn’t too far from the original “six weeks”.

An the credit card bill is due on 28th so that’s close enough to my estimate.

But wow, what a bill!! I’ve been charged $44.00 by the credit card company for “offshore taxes” on top of their outrageous exchange rate and I know that I’ve still got import duties and GST to pay here!

Thankfully I won’t get the import taxes bill till early next week at best, so I should be home to deal with it.

Sadly that’s going to delay surgery on the LR3 by a few more days, but I have some interesting joint projects for them. Probably the first will be replacing the temporary mount and decoupaged 3mm MDF duct for my 8" extractor fan, which my photo date stamp tells me has been “temporary” since March 2019.

I hope the LR3 gets enough time to cut it’s final struts.

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Well that’s what I call exactly on time!
Screenshot 2023-10-17 at 4.06.10 pm


Still no news on the MMU for the MK4… :sweat: