New MK4 is out!

Prusa’s just released their new MK4! Suprised that it’s a bed slinger! But it looks smoooooth…


The levelling is brilliant, direct drive extruder… neat.


Wow. Those features + Prusa’s quality that’s a hell of a bargain. Impressive.

Yeah, tht is definitely more for me than doing it all by myself… :sweat_smile:

MK3S+ kit only $649 now too… hide my wallet!

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Not needing to adjust live Z when changing plates or nozzles is really something to dream for!

Really wondering how they are dealing with accelerations. Is there some klipper in there, or is that all finely tuned Marlin input shaping?

Anyone using 0.9 degree steppers for X/Y if nothing else, and/or 2130 (rather than just using 2209) on their MP3DP’s or other printers?

From Original Prusa MK4 | Original Prusa 3D printers directly from Josef Prusa

From Blog entry about XL @ Original Prusa XL update: shipping of first units starts, last minute improvements and FAQs - Original Prusa 3D Printers

" I’m sure many of you are also waiting for another piece of important info: for the last several months, our devs have been working on Klipper-inspired Input shaper and Pressure Advance implementations. This is our own implementation for the STM32 bare metal, not a direct port of Marlin – Klipper has a more precisely implemented input shaper and pressure advance and that’s what we’re after. We’re not quite finished yet, but we hope to share some videos with you soon. :wink:

As always, launching a product is not the finish line for us – we’re gonna keep improving the XL further and further, the same as what we do with all the rest of our machines."

Looks like several XL features are in MK4.


This is interesting as well, The state of open-source in 3D printing in 2023 - Original Prusa 3D Printers


My friend has a deposit on an XL. Not sure when his expected ship date is.

At this point, I have more money invested in my new MP3DPv4 than this would have cost, but I’ll also have a larger build volume.

Depending on the firmware that is coming, you might be able to have nearly everything except the no offset leveling.

The MK4 seems pretty amazing?

I think so. As per usual they have taken most aspects up several notches, and have included several ideas that might not be new but seem to be more finalized.

Thoughts on the PTFE free Nozzle with integrated heat break? Am assuming this is better than a REVO purely on the basis that I ordered a REVO 2 days ago.

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The couple times I’ve seen the xl in real life, I’ve not been impressed.

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Wondering if there is a load cell or some sort of hall effect / piezo involved. I think the integrated heat break has been around for a while now, should be stable. I think it came about from people using large syringe needles for strong thin walls, kinda like a mosquito.

They have been using their own firmware in their printers (Marlin based, but forked a long time ago). They seem to be spending a lot of that extra money on software, which is really good (prusa slicer). But I wish it was more generally useful.


2209 is the upgraded 2208. 5160 is the upgraded 2130. The 2130 doesn’t have as much current capacity as the 2209. The 2130/5160 uses spi, which is a real pain if you are hand wiring it (but fine in something like an skr pro).

IDK how they choose their model numbers. But the 2209 is a solid choice for CNC.

The 0.9 motors are interesting. I wonder how their torque curve reduces at high speed. Would it be the same? Or effectively 2x the loss?

My K3 has 0.9° steppers on X and Y but only because that was the spec. No idea what difference it makes.