Some neat ideas, including negative thread angles. Wonder if they’re cambered as well?

Funny hyperbole intro and CNC Kitchen cameo.


After watching, I feel compelled to say, “Neat!”

I was just about to post that! His other videos have some cool stuff too!

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Anyone tried closed loop motors controller on lr3/mpcnc yet?

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I have seen these and have wondered about them a lot.

@Fabien , @forcerouge tried adding a Chinese version to his printer but ran into some software limitations/issues if I recall correctly.

You might be able to check out his thread to get some ideas.

This is a neat process. I wonder if it is possible to shrink it to hobby sized problems. I hear a lot about how special the software is and I wonder if an open source solution could blow it up.


Ok here’s the game plan…

@vicious1 comes up with a 3d printed dual 7 axis cnc machine that can deform steel and aluminum and might be able to bend titanium. He uses off the shelf hardware and costs under $1000. He insists that nema 17 motors at 12v will have plenty of torque. It will still require constant grub screw tightening.

@jeffeb3 creates a minimalistic but totally functional software that handles all the maths required to run this beast, free totally open sourced, and offers free technical support and customizations.

The rest of us create really cool coasters and cornhole boards but really we just need the machine to help build Ryan’s next creation.

Can we get it shipping for Christmas?


Run engraver on both sides, they way you are not pushing so hard, just lots of tiny hammering. Loud but cheaper.


The scan and adjust feature must be some insane software. That is automated CAM…at least that part seems the most insane.


We can ship it by Christmas. I won’t commit to which year though.

We have to start small though. The first version will be aluminum foil. Then the users will push it to a 4x4 build and start breaking steel.