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So I’ve changed the ramps with an SKR 1.4 turbo and it got even worse, today I will try a 24 v power supply

I’ve just switched to a 24v power supply and I have the same problem, also I had to lower the steps/mm to 161.1 to have the right amount of travel both on x and y axis, is it normal?

And since I tought it was a current problem I’ve shortened the cables and cranked up the current on the drivers (tmc 2209) al the way to 2200 but nothing changed… At this point I need to try and swap the motors

Is it possible you have 20tooth pulleys? The 160T is about right for 20T and you would have 25% less torque than with 16T

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Yes I’ve just checked and I’ve got 20tooth pulleys.

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I highly suggest going to 16T pulleys and non steel reinforced belts

I’ve updated the machine with 16t pulleys and thing are getting better but it seems still to easy to skip steps. I will have to do a few tests. Has anybody else got a video of theyr machine skipping steps?

My lowrider was once skipping steps because I daisy chained a few connectors together on the x axis. The connection was butted up against each either properly and taped but when they section bent, the connection wasn’t as strong leading to less power to the servo and skipped steps. Stripped the ends, soldered them together and fixed the issue.

I’m not saying I think this is what’s wrong with yours, I haven’t watched the videos; but something to check. Along with the grub screws again😁

Hope you get it figured out.

Ive had issues with belt tension, they loosened over time, I tightened them up and they started missing steps so I backed them off again.

All my previous LR builds had issues with torque, I sourced all my materials from AliExpress and I ran Ramps boards.

This time around I had all my parts supplied from the V1 store and the difference in torque, speed and amount of issues was night and day…

I would recommend splashing out on verified V1 supplied parts, at the end of the day I think you will have fewer issues.