MP3DP V4 Build - SW Virginia

My machine made its first own part today. Mount for the external antenna for the CB1

I also got the TFT35 SPI hooked up and running. Actually super easy. Had to uncomment one line in BoardEnv.txt and it came right up.


Hey @probrwr, able to share Klipper printer.cfg that’s working for your Manta M8P build? Am currently cobbling printer.cfg for my Octopus v1.1 based build, so pins will differ. Getting close, but guessing some of my settings are wrong/missing. Cheers!

@gpagnozzi thanks for sharing your Manta M8P based config earlier, was very helpful.

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Happy to! Will putbit together when i get home tonight as long as the boss doesnt have anything else planned. Friday at the latest.

@azab2c Here is the file I have. You will need to change the pin mappings for your octopus I am sure.
MP3DPV4 Printer (4.5 KB)

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