MP3DP dxf files

I cant find the files for the flat aluminum parts , I don’t have fusion 360 so is there just the dxf files. I
built the LR3 and can mill my own parts like cutting the struts, which had the dxf files on V1 Engineering
site. Am I just missing them some how. but when I click on the link it sends me to a markup page for fusion 360 and tries to get me to download 360. I don’t use windows so it just isn’t happening.

If using standard build size, the flat parts dxf files can be found on Printables

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awesome thanks

you wouldn’t happen to know how big of a piece of aluminum I would need to mill all the parts. It tells us the thickness on V1 site, but not sq. inches/mm

I used only one of these plates Ryan has linked in his build thread, with a bit to spare.

1 is fine if you do your layout tight, and don’t make any mistakes.

You can see how I laid mine out to fit in my build thread

And if you happen to need help with milling the aluminum, I outlined my process that made it pretty easy in this thread

Here is how much I had left of that sheet when done:


Thanks, I must of gone off reading all those links and never thanked you. much appreciated